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Quilt, Duvet, Comforter, Coverlet: Bed Cover Options

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What makes a bedroom comfortable for you? A relaxing one where you can gave a good night’s rest and wake up rejuvenated? 

To begin with you certainly need a quality bed. There is a lot of choices available in terms of materials and designs. Beds made of natural wood, wrought iron and engineered wood or a combination of any of these items is generally preferred for the modern homes in Canada.

You must give equal emphasis on choosing the right bedding options. Without appropriate duvets, quilts, bedspreads, comforters and throw blankets your bed has every chance of looking sordid and uninviting. Not only that. A good night’s sleep depends on having quality bed cover options. So how should you pick the right combination and materials of different types of bed furnishings? We share with you some worthy tips.


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Century Mills

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Century Mills

Quilts keep you warm when there is a nip in the air. They are designed from layers of cotton or polyester fabric with feather, real or faux wool in between. Quilting is a hobby among many homeowners. Though it may take some time to stich one, but you may consider designing a patchwork quilt yourself and gift it to your loved ones. 

Quilts come in a variety of colors. So select the one that suits the color scheme of your bedroom. Quilts for full beds would cost you a minimum of $70 CAD.

Pros and cons of using quilts

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Modern room heating system is sophisticated enough to help you avoid any kind of chill in the interior atmosphere. Still you may like to have the fuzzy warm feeling of having a quilt on your bed. Unless you are allergic to a particular type of fabric like polyester, there is no disadvantage of using quilts. Quilts are cost effective bedding options. As cotton is an extremely strong material, your woven quilts can last up to a lifetime.

Throw blankets

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Adelina Iliev Photography

Photography for Kingshall Estates / Vastu Interiors – House in Northwood, London

Adelina Iliev Photography

Throw blankets are a style statement and are generally used to glam up your bedroom. You may buy throw blankets made of wool (the knitted ones especially look charming), cotton, fleece, polyester, flannel, satin or faux fur. Keep in mind that throw blankets are useful in your living rooms as well. You may keep your lap warm while watching your favorite program on tv. Fleece throw blankets are available in less than $35 CAD.

Pros and cons of different types of throw blankets

Like quilts, throw blankets can add a nice warm feeling especially when you are seated on your sofa bed or divan. If you have a really small bedroom then this may create some clutter. Storing it away in the summer months could be difficult. Some people are allergic to fleece. They should stick to cotton or knitted wool throw blankets.


You may buy duvets filled with natural wool, feather or silk. Down filled duvets are very popular in Canada. Synthetic duvets use microfiber or hollowfibre as filler. A duvet cover can be made of cotton, satin, silk or polyester. Depending upon their capacity of generating warmth duvets are rated in a scale of 1 to 15 tog. The duvets of tog rating between 1 and 6 are ideal for summer months. For Canadian winter you will need duvets with a minimum tog rating of 10. 

In general, high quality duvets cost about $150 CAD or above. Luxurious Canadian goose down duvets custom designed for you may cost more than $5000 CAD.

Pros and cons of duvets

Duvets are great for providing adequate insulation, especially during the harsh winter season. While buying duvets with synthetic filling or duvet covers, make sure you are not allergic to the material. Dry wash duvets with natural fillings. Use a cotton duvet cover to protect it from wear and tear for a long time.


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Ardesia Design

Chalet Gstaad

Ardesia Design

You may opt for down comforters or comforters with polyester filling for your bedroom. Unless you live in the mountain regions of the country, buy a lightweight comforter along with a duvet. This will be sufficient for keeping you warm even at the height of winter. You may also combine quilts with comforters. Goose down comforters cost about $200 CAD per piece. Choose those that come with matching pillow covers.

Thread count for comforters

The number of threads that are utilised per square inch of a comforter, bedspread, coverlet or other bedding options are known as thread count for that particular type of item. High quality comforters have a thread count of 400 or more. The thread count is mentioned in the product description of an online store or on a label attached to the comforter if you are buying it in store.

Buy a 90 x 90 inch comforter for a queen sized bed and a 104 x 92 for a king sized one. Twin beds require about 68 x 90 inch comforters.

Comforter vs duvet

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Whether to go for a cosy comforter, duvet or both seemed to be a constant question. Perhaps you too have thought about it a great deal. A large part of this depends on your personal choice. Still there are some factors you must consider about. Comforters are suitable for all seasons except for the summer months. They are lightweight, so are easy to clean and manage. With shams and throws in complementary colors, comforters can immediately add life in your bedroom.

Both comforters and duvets with natural fibres and fillings need cover to extend their lives. Duvet covers tend to be slightly cheaper than comforter guards. Duvets with proper inserts are an excellent choice of the winter months. You can combine a lightweight comforter with duvets for greater warmth and better sleep.


modern Bedroom by WN Interiors of Poole in Dorset
WN Interiors of Poole in Dorset

Waterside Apartment by WN Interiors

WN Interiors of Poole in Dorset

It is difficult to imagine a comfortable bed without one essential item of bedspread – the coverlet. You can easily change the coverlets to inject color and variety in the interior of your bedroom. This bedspreads are available in a range of materials like cotton, linen, silk, satin, polyester and knitted wool. Cotton coverlets are best for the summer months as they absorb sweat and don’t leave any foul odor. As they don’t cause any allergic reactions, cotton coverlets are great for kid’s beds as well.

Quilted, knitted and classical candlewick coverlets are best for keeping your bed warm in moderate cold climate. Choose simple and lightweight coverlets made of cotton, linen or polyester for the summer months. Silk and satin look particularly stunning during festive occasions. You may also choose coverlets of different motifs and textures. You may consider matching them with the upholstery of your bedroom furniture and curtains. Coverlets cost $80 CAD onwards.

Coverlet: Pros and cons of different types

Tranquil Master Bedroom: classic Bedroom by Frahm Interiors
Frahm Interiors

Tranquil Master Bedroom

Frahm Interiors

Cotton coverlets are organic, allergen free, easy to wash at home and an excellent option both for the summer and winter months. Linen also boasts of similar qualities though it might feel slightly rough on the tender skin of your children. Satin or silk coverlets are best reserved for special occasions. Maintaining them is slightly difficult as they need a dry wash every time you need to clean them.

They don’t absorb sweat as well as cotton or linen. However, they are available in a mind-boggling variety of colors, motifs and textures. They tend to last longer than their cotton or linen counterparts. Polyester may trigger allergic reaction in some people. If you are not sure about the right option, don’t hesitate to speak with your interior stylist.

While choosing bedspreads, give precedence to your comfort and that of your family members. There is no harm in following a trend, but do so only if you feel comfortable with the kind of material and design that you are thinking of bringing home.

Which of these bed furnishings do you consider indispensable for your bedroom?
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