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How High Should I Mount my TV?

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There isn't a home today without a television. And while watching TV is an important part of the everyday life of all individuals, it is extremely important to watch TV from the right distance and at the right height. 

While it may seem simple to bring a TV home, connect and start watching your favorite show, there are so many important factors to consider before placing your TV in its right spot. These factors are: the size of the room and the size of the TV,  what is the proper TV height for that specific room and, the right distance before you mount your TV on the wall. 

At homify we will attempt to answer these questions in a simple and easy way. We want to provide you with a solution to all your TV mounting problems. So let´s start!

The optimal TV height

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For the best TV watching experience, that does not strain your eyes too much, your TV needs to be at an appropriate viewing distance and needs to be mounted at the right height. Ideally, the diagonal center of the television (i.e. the half of the mentioned length of the TV) should be at your exact eye level when you watch the TV. So first you need to measure your eye level height. 

Sit on the couch, or chair from where you would be watching the TV most often and measure the height of your eye from the floor in sitting position. This is the height where the center of TV should be, for your eyes to have a strain free TV watching experience. Tipically, this measure is about 42 inches.  

Mount your TV at the right distance

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There is another factor to consider before you determine how high you want to mount your TV on the wall. It is the viewing distance. 

Not to sound mathematical, but there is a well established formula for calculating the right viewing distance: Viewing Distance = (Diagonal length of the TV/0.55). Which means you should ideally watch your television from a little less than double the length of your TV for a best viewing experience. Keep in mind that the distance could vary depending the size of the TV and room. For example, to maintain this optical distance, the height of the TV might be adjusted a little if the room in which you wish to watch TV is small. 

How high to mount a TV in the living room

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Most of the times in the living room we are in our most active positions and therefore, the height of the TV can be a little higher to also make it possible to look at it from some distance. This especially helps when you have an open plan kitchen or dining room integrated with the living room. 

Also, an open living room gives you some advantage in terms of adjusting the viewing distance by moving the furniture around a bit. If you want to avoid wall mounting, you can always keep it on an appropriate height TV furniture.

If there is a fireplace on a wall in your living room, try mounting the TV on another wall, to avoid any damage from heat. If you absolutely have to hang your TV on the wall, you will have to hang it higher than usual to avoid the impact of heat on TV.

How high to mount a TV in the bedroom

If you are planning to mount your TV in the bedroom, you need to determine a comfortable position in which you would be watching the TV most often. 

In most bedrooms the TV is on the wall in front of the bed, and the most common watching position is a semi reclined one, supported by cushions and pillows on the bed. The eye level in that position in lower than when sitting on a chair, and therefore the height on which to mount a TV could be lower than recommended. 

Types of TV wall mounts

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There are three most common types of TV mounts, and the difference is the option they offer in terms of adjustment of the viewing angle. 

Low profile TV Mount: This is the most common, simple and cheapest option in TV mounts. Is a simple frame that gets fixed on the wall on which you can hang your TV.

Tilting Wall Mount: A little bit more expensive than the low profile wall mount, cause gives the option of tilting the mount to adjust the vertical angle of viewing. This one is a great idea for bedrooms because allow you to sit and watch or  lie down and watch at times.

Full Motion Wall Mount: As the name suggests this wall mount allows the TV to even rotate in other directions. A great option for the media room, the living room or any large wall where one TV will satisfy two or three areas by just turning it in that direction.

How to hide wires when mounting a TV

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There is not just one, but multiple wires to handle when you get your TV installed. The electric, the one from the set top box and more if you have home theater, the laptop or other attachments. All these wires if not hidden from view look very unpleasant. A great idea is to panel your wall with wood, giving a detachable piece at the back, to pass your wires and then fix the wooden panel back, hiding all wires from the view, and giving you a flawless TV viewing experience.

Hope you have a clear idea about the height on which to mount your TV under various conditions.

Hope you have marked the perfect place to hang your television. Let us know how high is your TV mounted!
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