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Small Living Room Ideas: Design a Stylish and Functional Home Today

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The small living room ideas and valuable décor tips that we are going to share with you today are going to help you design an elegant and comfortable space for you and your guests. Like elsewhere in the world, the living space is getting smaller by the day in many Canadian cities. Homeowners are trying to make maximum use of the available space. This in itself is opening up new opportunities for interior architects and designers. They are forced to come up with innovative solutions to make a room comfortable for everyone in spite of its size.

Before you start decorating your living room or refurbish the existing one, always take an accurate measurement of the available area. Chalk out a detailed plan. You may use pen and paper to visualize your ideas. Take suggestions from an experienced interior designer. But there is more…

Small living room layout

Avenue Road Residence: modern Living room by Flynn Architect
Flynn Architect

Avenue Road Residence

Flynn Architect

Think how you are going to utilize this space. Is it going to be a space simply to entertain your guests? Or, are you going to use the space as your home office or media room? Does your living room form a part of an open plan dining area and kitchen? In many small apartments, especially those that have smaller than 850 square feet living area, living rooms are sometimes converted into a guest room as well.

Your choices will greatly influence your small living room layout. The small living room furniture arrangement depends also on the size and shape of the room. You will have to choose the right kind of living room furniture for small spaces. To make sure they perfectly fit in the space, use a carpenter’s to mark the areas where you are planning to set the furniture. Measure these spaces individually and take a note. 

Sofa for small living room

Buy a sofa that looks comfortable and fits the space where you wish to place it. You may buy a two- or three-person sofa depending on the size of the room. Check out some other popular alternatives to a conventional sofa like divan, chaise lounge, loveseat and upholstered bench. A sofa beds or futons would be very useful in a studio apartment. Sectional sofas are suitable for small spaces as they can easily be placed in any of the corners of the room.

It is possible to buy a simple and comfortable sofa for small living room in less than $500 CAD. The trendier varieties cost more than that. Loveseats cost around $300 CAD. Lightweight metal daybeds can be bought in less than $300 CAD. Futons cost slightly more than that. Check our massive range of living room images for some more small living room furniture ideas.

Other furnitures for small living rooms

Sofa is not the only piece of furniture for a small living room. Choose one or two matching and upholstered armchairs for this space. You may place armchairs on either side of the sofa if you have a square shaped room or in front of the sofa in a rectangular room. Stylish chairs can cost a minimum of $100 CAD. Don’t put more than one chair in a room that has a space of less than 130 square feet. 

Some of the other alternatives to armchairs are simple stools, pouffes and ottomans. Select a stylish coffee table. You can go for those designs that have storage space. Glass top or acrylic tables also look gorgeous in a small room. Consider installing floating cabinets and shelves to optimize the storage. They will allow you to maintain an uncluttered floor area. There pieces are some of the most essential living room furniture for small spaces.

Small living room design

How to decorate a small living room? This question worries a lot of homeowners. Small living room design need not be overly complicated. Always think of the most essentials items of furniture and décor for this space. Once you have them in place, you are start adding more objects of décor at a later date. Try not to clutter it with too many items. Maintaining the breezy nature of the interior is key to small living room design.

Instead of walls, try to separate the public and private spaces with glass partitions, portable wooden partitions, potted plants or pieces of furniture like a display cabinet. This will help you to create a more comfortable and airy living space.

Small living room décor of the walls

 Balconies, verandas & terraces  by Home Deco Decoración
Home Deco Decoración

decoracion de atico en SITGES CENTRO by HOME DECO

Home Deco Decoración

It is very important to have a graceful small living room décor of the walls. Lively wall décor acts as potent distractions. However, go easy on patterns. Choose wallpaper with subtle motifs or decorate only the feature wall with a lively hue. You may invest in architectural wallpaper that creates a false sense of depth.

Mirrors also help to make a room look more expansive. You may install framed or frameless contemporary mirrors in your living room.

Small living room lighting

It is very important to buy lighting fixtures that are capable of beautifying the space and making it look brighter. A brightly lit room always looks more spacious and inviting than a gloomy room. A combination of focus lighting fixtures mounted on the ceiling, chic pendants and table lamps should be used to brighten up the room.

While discussing about the small living room decorating ideas, we cannot emphasise enough on the importance of making an optimal use of the available natural light. Install windows with glass panels that help to keep the room cheery all day long.

Color schemes for a small living room

Select a color scheme that helps to make the space brighter and more cheerful. Shades of white, grey, pale blue, beige, yellow, lavender and some other pastel shades are generally favoured for a small room. However, you don’t need to limit yourself to these colors only. You may easily mix various tones for the four walls and create a very inviting looking space. 

If you have chosen only cool or neutral colors for this space, inject a bit of vivacity with the help of colorful cushions, fresh flowers, small art objects, framed images or lamp shades.

Choice of fabric for a small living space

mediterranean Living room by Home Deco Decoración
Home Deco Decoración

SOFA CAMA A MEDIDA muy comodo , se vende en HOME DECO bajo peticion

Home Deco Decoración

Take note of some of the often ignored décor choices. These choices can easily give your living room a stunning makeover. And don’t worry. These are very much a part of small living room ideas on a budget. Choose fabric with little or no motifs at all. Monochromatic upholstery that sync well with the overall color scheme looks best in a small room. You can pep them up with throws and cushions with livelier hues and patterns.

Find out more about choices of furnishings for a living room.

Storage space

While planning your living room interior, don’t forget a key element of décor. Have enough storage space, so that your room does not start looking dingy and inhabitable later on. Install built in cabinets and shelving systems to optimize the storage area. You may even install storage cabinets with mirrored doors to add a bit of glitterati.

Designing a free flowing room

industrial Living room by Meero

Appartement parisien


Choose furniture and decor that help you design a free flowing space. You may use colours and patterns to separate one zone of the apartment from another. This can also be done by choosing separate flooring materials like natural wood for the living room and ceramic tiles for the kitchen or simply by arranging your furniture in certain way. Build as little barrier as possible and enjoy inhabiting a gracefully decorated and comfortable living area.

For some more tips and tricks check out these contemporary living room designs.

Which of these small living room ideas do you find most interesting?
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