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Calming Bedroom Colors: How to Ensure a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

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Recently a study suggested that we spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping. Quite naturally, a high percentage of these hours are spent in our bedrooms. So bedroom décor is extremely important for the health and wellbeing of each one of us. Calming bedroom colors soothe your mind after a tough day’s work. Today we are going to share with you some timely suggestions about selecting relaxing bedroom colors for your home.

Benefits of choosing calming colors

We have already discussed one of the major benefits of choosing calming colors in your home. It has a positive effect on your mind. But that’s not the only reason for choosing soothing colors in this space. Peaceful colors have a refreshing effect on the ambience. They tend to make your room look more spacious. Calming bedroom colors brighten up the room.

How to choose soothing bedroom colors?

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So what are the best bedroom colors? And, how to choose soothing bedroom colors? Before we move any further, let me clarify one thing. There is nothing called the most calming colors to paint your bedroom with. Bedroom color schemes or shades for any other part of your house heavily depend on your choices and your comfort level with the chosen shades. 

If you think a certain shade or group of shades soothing, you should follow your intuition. It is the best possible way to ensure a tranquil bedroom décor and selecting the best bedroom colors for your home.  

That said, there are certain shades that are considered more soothing than others. Calming color palettes are generally dominated by white, grey and other pastel colors. These colors tend to make a space look more airy, cheerful and expansive. You may select any one or a combination of these shades to decorate the walls of your bedroom.

Color psychology

Famous painter Claude Monet once said, “Color is my daylong obsession, joy, and torment.” This is true for every living being, including plants. For example, purple greenhouse lighting is known to boost the growth of plants. Colors have powerful capabilities of moving you to the core. Though color psychology is yet to fully discover the hidden reasons behind this phenomenon, but there is no denying the fact that certain colors make your feel more secured and comfortable. This is the prime reason why nearly all of us have our favorite colors though we cannot say exactly why love that specific shade.

Bedroom color ideas

Let’s discuss some bedroom color ideas. However, don’t forget, there are plenty of colors to paint your bedroom walls with. Shades of blue, white, subtle gray tones, pale brown, beige, pistachio, soft hues of green, lavender and soft peach are some of the perennially favorite relaxing bedroom colors. You may combine two or more colors from this list. For example, you may paint two of the bedroom walls with soothing colors like lavender and pistachio respectively and coat the other two walls of shades of warm white.

Don’t hesitate to discuss some more options with an experienced interior stylist. Try to follow different color schemes in your main bedroom, guest room, kid’s bedroom and other accessory bedrooms. This will help you avoid any kind of monotony. But select only complementary shades.

Calming blue paint colors for bedroom

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Scandinavian Mint


Blue is one of the most preferred colors for the bedroom interior. It is a particular favorite among the modern homeowners of Canada. So what are some of the calming blue paint colors for bedroom that you may consider investing in? Sky blue, powder blue, turquoise, periwinkle blue, pale cerulean and viridian blue are some of the most popular shades of blue for bedrooms.

Remember, brands have their own names for different shades of blue. The shades also vary in reality compared to what you see on the screen of your computer. You may buy a sample first to see whether it fits the calming color palettes you have chosen for your bedroom. You may also include shades of pale grey or white in your bedroom color schemes.

Peaceful colors and textures

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Etcetera Living

The Nest (2) Mock up Vila

Etcetera Living

While planning the bedroom color schemes for your home, don’t forget to experiment with the texture of the chosen materials and paints. For example, stucco walls have distinctively rough surface which varies quite lot from wood panels or upholstered panels. Paints are available in four different textures – glossy, satin, egg shell and matte. Eggshell textures provide a smooth and even sheen on the walls. But it is not as shiny as its glossy counterpart.

Satin paints tend to last longer than the other varieties. This is very good for designing a smooth, creamy and non-reflective surface. The reflective capacity of matte is the lowest among the four. However, they are one of the essential ingredients of an elegantly designed room. You can also use textured wallpaper to add an element of surprise.

Find out more about wall coverings for bedrooms from here.

Feng shui: Best bedroom colors

If you are a firm believer in traditional design ideals of feng shui, then you should first take help of a professional to identify your personal energy center. Then you will be able to identify colors that resonate with you most and are capable of having a positive effect on you. Alternatively, you may select warm beige, earthy brown, yellow ochre or other muted shades of yellow to decorate your bedroom.

Rooms steeped in these shades tend to exude a warm and inviting feel. These shades are capable of brightening up the space as well as they tend to reflect natural or artificial light better. When you are selecting shades of earthly brown as base colors, try to pep it up a little with the help of subtle motifs. You may also use upholstery and décor objects with a brighter hue for this room.

Grey and green bedroom

Grey bedroom colors are very common in modern home, especially those designed in a Scandinavian style. Grey and green bedroom colors easily induce a feeling of tranquility in the interior atmosphere. You may decorate your bedroom with shades of grey or green. Choose a darker shade for the feature wall and complement the others with a lighter shade. Alternatively, you can combine grey with white like this bedroom on the image above. 

Combining a cool hue of green, such as honeydew or emerald, with a shade of white is another option for you to try. Are you feeling a bit more adventurous? Then why not blend lime green with laurel and olive green? Paint the two opposite walls with lime green and olive. Soak the two in a shade of laurel green. Try to opt for a minimal décor to complement the busy color scheme of the room.

Calming color palettes and materials

What impact the choices of materials have on the color scheme of your bedroom? Your choice of materials can heavily influence calming color palettes of your bedroom. For instance, Mediterranean stucco finish can give your walls a light brown, beige, all white or pale burnt sienna appearance. Wooden panels made of cedar or ash also helps you decorate a calm and elegant bedroom. 

If you think of upholstering the walls or using wallpaper to deck them up then you choices are almost endless. There materials have a telling impact on the color and texture of the walls as well. 

Wish to be in tune with time? Then check out these trending bedroom colors now.

Which of these bedroom color schemes do you find most fascinating?
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