Color Guide: What colors match with teal?

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Teal color is a blend of green and blue in a range of proportions that may vary from a brightest of lime yellowish blue to almost dark bluish slate at the dullest. Teal is one color that can add elegance and drama to a room at the same time. When you look at the colors that complement teal, you will get a wide range of possibilities. Some of the options that are complementary colors to teal include the pastels scheme, the yellows, the metallic colors, the earthen shades and black. 

Basically, teal color combinations can go well with almost all colors and in this ideabook you will see a few examples of what colors go with teal walls, upholstery, tiles and laminates. 

Let us show you the secrets of teal…

Kitchen: Teal, white and black

Teal color has the power to brighten up any room including the kitchen and help giving a modern and classy look to the space. A kitchen is a place that needs a lot of light, and hence combining it with white makes a lot of sense in order to reflect light and create space. 

Therefore, a white kitchen will bring out a brighter space that will blend easily with teal, creating an unique and very modern looking kitchen. As we can observe in this example, black is use to mark boundaries and create highlights. Teal is a trending and great looking idea for your kitchen too, don't you think?

Dining room: What color goes with teal walls?

If there is one thing in furniture that you can absolutely be sure of with teal, its blonde wood. Light colored wooden furniture  stands out against the dark teal walls and makes the room look bright, chic and contemporary. You can add some white or silver highlight to break the teal monotony, and ensure good lighting to bring out the mood! 

Living room: Teal as a highlight detail

Teal and mustard complement each other beautifully and can brighten up any background color. The room in this picture has brown walls and off white sofa. The room looks pretty simple if you imagine it without the teal and yellow cushions. Teal and mustard, or teal and yellow if used in the upholstery together, can create magic and add charm to the simplest of living room rooms. Here are 9 trending colors for your wall in 2018, see which will go well with teal!

Bathroom: Teal and copper

Copper adds a mysterious contrast to teal. The rusticity in copper is a great combination against the two tone teal tiles in the bathroom. The wooden flooring complements the rustic charm very well, and so does the rustic décor too. 

Did you notice the versatility of teal, right from creating a Mediterranean to modern to rustic ambiance in all corners of your house. 

Great color combinations I: Gray and teal

Comfty footstool Loaf Modern living room footstool,teal,living room,sofa,space,windows,blue,velvet,green

Teal color finds a splendid use in furniture and upholstery. A teal couch can be the perfect contrast against gray walls which are the most popular choice among wall colors. Teal brightens up the room and creates a unique ambiance which is quite trending now a days. A great feature about teal color is the way it reflects the white and yellow lights, which is a great idea to create a different ambiance in your room during the day and night. Teal and gray is a great combination for the living room for sure.

Great color combinations II: Teal and gold

A gold frame on teal wall stands out against all the other colored ones, and it proves how beautiful gold looks with teal. Teal and gold is a royal combination and is a perfect amalgamation of warmth and cold. There are many ways in which you can combine gold with teal. A plain teal wall can be adorned with gold by using a golden frame for a mirror to hand against the wall. 

Highlighting plain teal walls with some gold embossing or texture will make the wall the focal point of the room. Another way to combine gold with teal is to use gold curtains against teal walls, or vice versa. 

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Great color combinations III: Teal with beige

Truffle sofa Loaf Modern living room new sofa,new,sofa,green,blue,teal,velvet,living room,coffee table

Teal is almost the perfect companion of beige too. Beige adds warmth to the cool teal, and is a neutral background for a teal sofa in the living room, and is sure to gather all the attention anyway. This is the reason beige is the perfect partner for teal, as it is the most popular color that takes backseat against bright colors and looks stunning and elegant on every wall. The teal couch against beige wall in this picture sports pastel cushions, that also open more pastel avenues with teal. 

Hope you have found the inspiration which color to use with the teal in your room. Let us know which combination did you like the best!

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