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Color Guide: What Colors Go with Orange?

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Which colors go well with orange? Is this the question that is bothering you lately? Then our today’s article will provide you a lot of ideas. 

Orange is not a common color to introduce in the interiors of a home. The difficulties of finding the right orange complementary color discourage many people to include it in their color schemes. But orange is such a special color. The color is often associated with joy. It can transform your home into a warm and welcoming space. Frank Sinatra found orange the “happiest color”. Nat King Cole found the “orange colored sky” an extremely lucky omen. Musicians are not the only person to find this color a natural expression of happiness and good fortune. According to some oriental traditions, orange bring in prosperity and abundance in your life. So let’s discover what matches orange?

How to find colors that go well with orange?

To find colors that go well with orange, use this handy trick. Simply use a color wheel to identify your favorite shade of orange or the one you wish to incorporate in your interior design. Colors that lie on the opposite side of this shade are its complementary colors. Those that appear on its sides or directly above and beneath it are its neighbors. You may select an orange complementary color from its neighbors or from those that lie on the opposite side of the color wheel.

Orange complementary color

Orange sits between yellow and red – the two basic colors of the chromatic spectrum. On the opposite side of orange, lie the shades of blue. You will find some orange complementary color periwinkle blue, powder clue, sky blue, Prussian blue, dark midnight blue and azure blue.

The colors that sit just above and below the shades of orange like brown and beige or next to it like yellow and red can also be combined with orange. However, this combination will have a fiery effect on the ambience of your home as all the colors located just in the vicinity of orange are extremely hot. To balance it well, you can consider introducing neutral shades like white, black and pale grey.

Orange color combination: Orange with cool blue

This is a fine example of an orange color combination, where pale rust orange has been blended with light blue and balanced with spotless white. This orange color combination ensures there is enough sparkle in the kitchen without making it look smoking hot. It makes the interior look brighter and more cheerful as well.

Also think where you wish to include this shade. The kitchen planner has introduced the color in the form of stools. You may use it on the backsplash of the kitchen, the cabinet doors, kitchen worktop or lighting fixtures.

Orange color scheme: Orange with metallic colors

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It is possible to choose a metallic color as an integral part of your orange color scheme. It helps you to dramatize the interior décor in a very skillful fashion way. The interior walls of this spacious dining parlor are decorated with chains of golden hue. This adds extra glitter in an already fashionable dining room.

Arm chairs with orange paint and a large table with glossy top and golden base are placed in the center of the room. The space is additionally decorated with a floating storage unit also in orange color. The exposed brick wall and ceiling décor give a hint of industrial design.

Orange interior design ideas

While brainstorming about an orange color scheme, don’t limit your options to the living room, kitchen or dining area only. Think of the space where you may easily incorporate this color. You may paint a part of the hallway wall with this ravishing shade. Don’t forget that you can include this color in your terrace design and swimming pool deck. It will help you design a very lively outdoor party zone for your friends and family members.

See how skillfully the interior designer of this home integrated the color in one of the bathrooms. It decks up the top and bottom layer of the bathroom vanity unit. To jazz up the interiors further, colored mosaic tiles have been used to decorate the wall behind the bathtub.

Orange living room

An orange living room would an inviting space to welcome all your guests. You can have orange walls like this living room on the image above. You may also limit the orange paint to the feature wall only. Another clever way of blending this bright color in the interior is by using it as a base color for the wall panels. You may pep the room with three dimensional orange wallpapers as well.

It is also possible to use orange color fabric for upholstering the furniture and hanging the curtains. Green plants in orange pots or fresh flowers in orange vases would also have a lively effect on the interior atmosphere.

What color curtains go with orange walls?

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While choosing curtains to match your orange walls, you may follow the same technique as discussed in the beginning of this article. You may use a color wheel to identify colors that would go well with your preferred shade of orange. Settling for black, white or grey curtains or a curtain fabric that combines these colors would be another great choice. Take into account the texture of the fabric. 

If you are buying curtains to complement orange walls with glossy finish then you should choose a fabric that has a matte like look. This means, it would be ideal to stay away from silk, velvet and satin varieties of fabric. Cotton, linen, crewel, lace and sheer fabric will be some of the choices for you to explore. You may also opt for white curtains with subtle orange motifs. Both floral motifs and geometric ones would be suitable for the purpose. This will also complement an orange colored wall. If you are decorating a kid’s room, then this would be a great option for you to try.

Orange furniture

You have already seen the use of orange stools in the interior. You may also invest in orange upholstery fabric for your sofas, arm chairs, ottomans and pouffes. Lively orange cushion covers would also give a monochrome sofa an interesting look. Orange dining table tops would certainly be a charming choice for a dining room with a haute look. Though not exactly a piece of furniture, but orange lamp shades and lighting fixtures would also help you add color in a living room, kitchen, dining space or bedroom. 

Orange paint

While orange paint is a great way of coating the walls with a bright color, don’t forget about some other materials to use as a substitute. Orange ceramic and sandstone tiles would give your home a very appealing look. Laminated kitchen worktop having rust, copper, persimmon or saffron tone will immediately refresh the look of an otherwise simple kitchen.

Burnt orange

Burnt orange or burnt sienna is a traditional favorite. It is most frequently used in Mediterranean homes. You may introduce burnt sienna in the form of terracotta floor tiles or roof tiles. Terracotta or porcelain tiles of the same hue could be utilized to deck up the garden path or the patio flooring. 

Now you have some of the most ingenuous ways of integrating orange in the interior of your home. Why wait? Give your home a feel of summer before the season is actually here.

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Which of these orange color combinations did you find most attractive?
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