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The kitchen is that one place in a house, where doesn´t matter how much storage space you have, you always find it not enough. More so if you are a foodie, you need a whole lot of space to store the variety of ingredients and equipment required for cooking and experimenting with new cuisines and flavors. 

However for kitchen space the saying the more the merrier does not hold true. Cooking in a very large kitchen can also be tiresome, as you would need to walk around a lot more to fetch things that you need for each meal. A kitchen should be optimal in size and maximally organized, for most efficient and ease of use. 

Here we bring to you kitchen organization tips that we are sure will help you organize your kitchen in the most efficient manner.

Kitchen Drawer Ideas: Crockery organizer

Crockery takes a lot of space in any kitchen, plus it needs to be stored safely stacked and separated. A kitchen drawer is a great place to organize the crockery, that you use frequently. The dinner plates, quarter plates, cereal bowls, milk mugs, all can find place in one drawer and look neat, while avoiding the risk of them tumbling and breaking at the same time. 

Kitchen Storage Units: One for just the equipment

Aren't there just so many equipment in the kitchen, that are indispensable. The hand blender, smoothie maker, food processor, mixer grinder, toaster, sandwich maker, the grill, chopper and the coffee maker, they all need space too. However you would use them one at a time only, after plugging into the electric socket. So it is a good idea to store them all at one designated place and take out just the one that you need at the moment. 

This garage style kitchen storage unit looks unique and stores all the equipment neatly and safely. Here are 12 ideas for a perfectly organized kitchen.

Kitchen Storage Hacks: For big pots and pans

The big pots and pans always need special place in any kitchen. They generally do not fit in the drawers, and if you have to store them in the cabinet, you need to have one big shelf reserved for just them. However the pots and the pans look good even if they are hung on the wall of the kitchen, so why to waste the precious storage space by keeping them in? If you have cabinets on the walls and no space to hang the pots, you could just hang from a rod over an island, like in this image.

Kitchen Shelf Ideas: One right above the island

When you let your imagination free, there is just no limit to the ideas. Here in this kitchen, storage is created above the island in the form of two shelves suspended from the ceiling. This space can be used to store the pots, pans, the plates, vessels, ingredients or equipment, depending on how you use the island. If you use the island for food preparation, storing the equipment will make more sense, and if you use the island for eating, then storing crockery will be more helpful. 

Cabinet storage ideas for bottles

A small pullout bottle cabinet is the most efficient way to store all those spreads, dips, sauces and oils. The width of this bottle pullout is perfect to store bottles, and prevents any toppling over, keeping your kitchen sparkling clean and neatly organized. 

You may want to check these 7 essentials for a functional kitchen.

Kitchen racks for storage optimization

Kitchen organization has no hard and fast rules. It is always done as per the user's convenience. One person might like everything in closed cabinets, and nothing outside, and other person might be more comfortable with having all the daily requirements in the open at just an arm's distance. The kitchen in this picture has racks that act as pantry to store any and everything under the sun. Here is a simple guide to maximize your kitchen storage.

Kitchen organization with open shelves

The biggest advantage of open shelves in the kitchen is that you tend to keep them clean and more organized, since they are visible every time. This in turn helps you plan and organize things better, when you know what all you need to restock and restore. 

The open shelves can also be used as an opportunity to store the decorative and colorful jars of jams, jellies and other colorful good looking ingredients, which will add beauty to the kitchen while giving it a very casual and modern look. 

Kitchen Cabinet Storage Solutions: Storage in the door

There is not much advantage of having a deep cabinet. Taking out stuff from the back requires to move and remove the items in front, and that in a hassle and an inconvenience. A better solution is to have the cabinet a little less deep, and use some of the depth in the door to store all your small spices, flavors, colors and other ingredients.

Cupboard storage ideas

Having small cupboards on all the walls of a U shaped kitchen is the most optimal use of space. The cupboards need to be off different heights and types, for all kind of items you have in the kitchen. Drawers for the small miscellaneous items, shelves for the ingredients, big cupboards for storing the equipment and stocked essentials.

Storage Hack: The corner drawer

A great idea to use even the last inch of space, that usually gets wasted in the corners is using a drawer like the one shown in the picture. It has turned out to be the perfect space for storing all the cutlery in this small kitchen. An innovative solution for a corner is all that you need for a perfectly organized kitchen that uses space optimally.

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas : Pull out utilities

Saving even a little space on storage is a big help, when you have a kitchen that is small. This minimalist kitchen has a pull out chopping board, and that is one unique feature of this simple white and wood kitchen. The board goes right inside the counter and takes up no space in the kitchen.

Right storage can make your small kitchen convenient, and make it also look gorgeous. 

Hope you liked these storage ideas. Tell us which one is your favorite.

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