Home Staging Tips: Make Your House Ready for Quick Sell

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Perhaps you are moving to a new city. May be you need a bigger home or plan to buy one which is closer to your workplace. There could be many reasons influencing your decision of selling your present home. But before you actually attempt to put it on the market, you need to make it worthy enough to the prospective buyers. You will have to accentuate its advantages and minimize its flaws. The home staging tips that we are going to share with you shortly would help you present your home in the best possible light to your prospective buyers.

Are you wondering about the necessity of staging a home for sale? In that case let us assure you home staging is worth your effort and money. Many times a better presentation of your current home will increase its value in the eyes of its future owners. It will also help them envisage about their life in the house after the purchase has been made. It will also assure them about the worth of their investment.

How to stage your home?

Before we discuss about how to stage your home, let us talk about the drawbacks of not staging a home for sale. Without this necessary step the prospective buyers may be completely unaware about the true potential of a home. If there are some structural or design related flaws that have started to appear in the many years’ you have occupied the space, it is better to remedy them first before attempting to sale your house. Otherwise, your property may be undervalued in the market.

Before you think about how to stage a house, make sure you determine a budget for the same. It is better not to unnecessary stress your funds while decorating the interiors. The future owners will make changes according to their needs and tastes anyway. Prioritize the redesigning of spaces that need your urgent attention.

Staging tips for the interiors

While searching for staging tips, select those ideas that apply to your house. Make a thorough plan for the same. Like your budget, determine a time limit for the entire project. When needed, seek help of professional interior decorator to manage the entire task. Remove the clutters of the interiors. Prospective buyers would fail to appreciate dingy rooms. Besides, clutters tend to make a room look smaller. This would take some time and ingenuous organization of the household items.

Staging ideas for the living room

Organize the living room. Change the cushion covers and the curtains. Place a bright new throw blanket on the sofa. Remove all the old magazines and newspaper from the coffee table. Clear the stains created by the food items and coffee cups if any. Place a small art object at the center of the table. A low flower vase with fresh flowers will help refresh the ambience.

Vacuum clean the room. Remove the cobwebs and dusts not only from the living room, but also other parts of the building. Dust off the carpet. Use small area rugs to beautify natural wood flooring.

Clean up the under stair space

Clean up the under stair space. You may try to show the worth of this additional space by installing a storage system them. If you already have a custom designed storage solution for this space, use it to impress the prospective buyers. Don’t forget to organize the shoes and accessories before you open it up for everyone’s view.

Tips for selling a house: Take care of the walls

Interiors with faded paints or damaged wallpaper never create a good impression on the minds of those thinking of buying the house. Change the wallpaper that is showing signs of aging. Paint the walls in a neutral or cheery tone that makes your room look more spacious. The color scheme should complement the décor. You may a color scheme with prominent use of grey, white and pastel shades. Brighten this up with an accent tone which you may use in the furniture, upholstery, curtains or small décor items.

Staging a home for quick sell: Attention to the details

Your capabilities of staging a home for quick sell will heavily depend on your attention to the details. Simple steps like cleaning the glass windows and decorating the window seat in a pleasing style can have an immediate positive impact on the minds of those visiting your home for the first time. You are virtually inviting them to have a look around. And, if your house offers an excellent view of the surrounding, then be assured that your guest will be pleased by the way you have presented the house to him or her.

Home staging tips and tricks: Design a welcoming hallway

Before you begin looking for home staging tips and tricks, put yourself in the prospective buyers’ shoes. Think they may or may not like seeing in a home they are hoping to buy. Make sure that the prospective buyers’ have immediate positive impression about your home. Clean up the hallway. Change the runner rugs or remove them altogether if they are showing signs of aging. Give a fresh coat of paint to the main door. If you have a spacious hallway, then place a console table in this space. Decorate the hall with fresh potted plants.

Home staging tips for sellers: Kitchen interior

Pay special attention to the kitchen interior. Apart from cleaning and organizing the space thoroughly, you need find out if there is any damp spot on the walls. Is there any unwanted growth of mold and mildew? These ugly marks indicate broken plumbing system or other structural flaws. It would be better to address these issues before presenting it to the prospective buyers.

Staging advices for the dining room

Clean up the dining room before you invite anyone to see this space. Remove plates and utensils that have been used during the previous meal. Spread a simple table cloth or table runner on the dining table. Decorate its top with candles and fresh flowers. A bowl full of seasonal fruits may also be used to decorate the top of the table. Place the chairs in their position. Freshen up the interior atmosphere by spraying room fresheners. Alternatively, you may decorate the space with potted herbs like lavender, mint or basil that will feel the air with a refreshing fragrance. Change damaged lighting fixtures if any.

Home staging ideas: Kid’s room

Don’t forget to show off your tastefully decorated kid’s room to a prospective house owner with a family. But before you attempt to do so, organize the room. Put all the books and playthings back into the cupboard. Change the bed coverlet. A comfortable kid’s room with a stunning décor is bound to earn admiring glances.

Home staging tips for the bathroom

If your old wash basin and mirrors are showing signs of wear and tear change them. The same applies for the leaking taps and showers. Change the ducts that are leaking and causing damages to the walls. Declutter the vanity unit and clean the space thoroughly. Refresh the interior air with the help of commercially available chemical solutions or green moisture friendly plants.

Staging furniture for the terrace

Make some efforts of organizing the terrace. You need not buy brand new staging furniture for this space. Recycle some of your old furniture and give it a graceful makeover. Place a lot of green plants that are going to act as welcome distractions. Make a cozy seating arrangement. You may spread an organic outdoor friendly mat on the floor. You may even have a hammock here. Inject some colors with the help of colorful cushions. Buy canvas or polyester fabric for the cushion covers that are capable of withstanding the elements of nature. Install stylish outdoor lighting fixtures to illuminate the space in the evening.

Which of these home staging tips do you find most enticing for the prospective buyers?

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