Polished Concrete Floor: Cost Effective and Durable!

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Among the many features that make a house look remarkable, flooring is one of them. With so many options available in floor coverings, it might be overwhelming deciding which one to choose that does not burn a hole in your pockets while still being durable in strength and offers good insulation. 

Concrete flooring is a great option for home interiors when it comes to cost effectiveness, and durability. With the availability of  various dyes and techniques of creating beautiful and colorful patterns, polished concrete flooring can give the finest of marbles a run for their money. Let us discuss the pros and cons of concrete floors in detail.

Concrete flooring cost: A huge advantage over any other flooring!

Concrete is not an expensive material, though choosing a labor intensive design that needs a lot of intricate, detailed work in terms of designing, embedding and placement may take it's cost many notches higher. In this sense, it would still be comparable to a high end wooden flooring laid simply. 

A basic concrete floor may cost on an average $5 CAD per square foot, and may range as low as $2.5 CAD for an absolute basic layout. A medium range concrete flooring, that will include thorough surface polishing would range somewhat $15 CAD and an extreme intricate design that might include some metal embedding, dividers in different colors and shine polish would range up to $40 CAD to the maximum.

In detail: Factors that affect cost of a concrete floor

The picture shows a white concrete plain floor, that looks extremely elegant and sophisticated, giving the floor a big and bright appearance. There are, however, a lot of factors that determine the cost of a concrete floor. The common factors are:

1. Shape and size of the floor : a straight simple floor will incur less cost, and a floor that has a complex shape, with many sections will cost more.

2. Color and Design : using a single color will cost less, and using multiple colors shall add to the cost.

3. The surface : If the surface is uniform in terms of height and slope, it will cost less, if the surface and slope has to be created, it will cost more.

Choosing variants in design will add to cost in proportion to the time and effort required.

Concrete floors vs. Tiles

Concrete flooring can replicate tiles, as shown in this picture, and the process is not too difficult either. The advantages of concrete over tiles is it's durability and strength. The concrete floor will not chip off like a tile, if something hard and pointed falls over it. Concrete costs less as compared to tiles, and offers more friction, which makes it easier to walk on a concrete floor than on a tiled floor. One advantage of tiled floor over concrete is that tiled floor can be cleaned to a sparkle by using cleaning agents, as tiles are more resistant to chemicals than concrete. Here are 10 enviable bathroom floor ideas.

Concrete floors vs. Hardwood

Concrete floor generally has a lot more advantages over hardwood flooring that you would think. Concrete floor costs manifold less than a hardwood flooring, concrete flooring requires much less maintenance than hardwood flooring, polished concrete is the perfect amalgamation of longevity and beauty in terms of flooring. One advantage that the wooden flooring has over concrete floor is the heat insulation that it offers. Concrete floor will have to be covered with a carpet during extreme cold. 

Concrete floor vs. Laminate

The durability of concrete will make it win any contest, but also the fact that concrete can be cleaned with soap and water, leaving no stain or dirt makes it a better choice over laminate flooring that needs high maintenance. At times it does matter even though the initial cost of laying a flooring is less, in the long run it might cost you more owing to it's high maintenance. Concrete flooring is low in maintenance and has a long life, which keeps its over all cost low. Read which floor is best for your kitchen.

Why choose polished concrete flooring?

Polished concrete flooring is  a great idea to maintain a smooth and shining floor that shall not require much maintenance to keep it look the same. A few among the many benefits of concrete floor are the ease of cleaning it, resistance to water and moisture, resistance to corrosion and discoloration, economical, and offering a wide variety in terms of color and design. All these and many more benefits that concrete flooring offers has made it become a trending choice in home flooring be it exterior or interior flooring.

You can always discuss with your architect if you have more questions that need to be answer. 

Concrete floor for a rustic look

Concrete goes well with wood and bricks and is the perfect mate for a rustic room's floor. Concrete flooring with less amount of polish will give a room a aged and vintage appearance, an important feature of a rustic ambiance. 

This picture has white concrete flooring that complements well against the white walls, creating a somewhat rustic look, even without the bricks. Here are 8 great ideas for houses with uneven floors.

White concrete flooring with wood

Create a more industrial look with a concrete floor and wood, just with the addition of some shiny polish, such is the versatility of a concrete floor. In this picture you see an elegant looking kitchen, that has no frills plain concrete floor against while walls and white counters. The entire setup highlights the wood on the ceiling, a great way to always have your head up!

Hope you are impressed by the advantages and cost effectiveness of concrete flooring. Let us know what did you like best about concrete floor! 

So what flooring have you planned for your home? Is your choice Concrete?

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