How to Design a Bedroom to Ensure a Peaceful Night’s Sleep?

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comfortably decorated bedroom is one of the prime requisites of a stylish home. It ensures a peaceful night’s rest for those who occupy the space. It is extremely important for the health and wellbeing of the family members. As you know, a healthy home is also a happy home. 

Designing a bedroom, therefore, presents certain amount of challenges. Any mistake in this space has a direct bearing on the health and hygiene of your family members. You may design this space all by yourself, or take suggestions from an experienced interior designer. In either case, these tips will help you have a chic and relaxing bedroom décor.

Designing a bedroom

Before you start designing a bedroom keep in mind the following points. These tips will resolve some of your design related concerns.

Try to have only those items in this space that you are going to need and plan to use every day. In other words, don’t clutter this space with unnecessary objects of décor or furniture.

Make use of the natural light to design a cheerful looking space. It will also maintain the health and hygiene of the interiors. Also, install sufficient artificial lighting fixtures to keep the space properly illuminated in the evening. The lighting in this space should not be glaring that it hurts your eyes and causes sleep disturbance. But have enough provision for bedside lighting if you have the habits of reading on the bed.

Your bedroom should also have proper ventilation so that it does not feel stuffy, especially in the hot summer months. Invest in building a sound proof room if you live in a busy part of the city. This is a onetime investment which will help you a great deal to have proper rest without being perturbed by constant noise from within or outside the house.

Use colors and materials that you find comfortable. Don’t go by trends alone and choose styles that seem stressful in the long run. Choose materials that are easy to maintain and cost effective. Not many of today’s homeowners have lot of time to clean and scrub each corner of the house every day.

Bedroom layouts

It is common to place the bed in the mid-point against the wall and decorate either side of the bed with stylish nightstands. This layout is also the most functional one. In a spacious room, you may bring the bed in the middle and place the nightstands on either side of it. It will make your room look more airy. However, don’t place the bed under the windows. It will hurt your privacy. Direct exposure to natural light since early morning could also create disturbance.

In the winter months, this will be the coldest part of the room. Instead, use this space to design a tiny seating area. If your windows offer you an excellent view of the surrounding, you will be able to spend some pleasure filled time here in the morning.

In a tiny room or in a room with a single bed, you can push the bed in one corner and free up some space in the room. Small homes often have the dressing rooms co-habiting the bedroom space. Buy built in wardrobes to avoid any kind of clutter in such cases.

How to decorate your bedroom?

Before you start decorating your bedroom, take proper measurements of the available space. Use a piece of paper and pencil to draw your plans. You may try more than one layouts on paper to find out which one suits you best. Use carpenter’s tape to mark the area where you are going to place the furniture. Once again measure these spaces and note them down. You will need this information while ordering the bedroom furniture.

Have enough negative space in the room. This will make it look more attractive and feel more comfortable. You will be able to move around the room without bumping into furniture or décor items. Have enough storage systems in this space. Consider having built in wardrobes and floating shelves. This will resolve some of the clutters of the room and will make it look more spacious.

Don’t forget to choose a soothing color scheme for this space. White, grey and black are highly favored for contemporary bedrooms. You may opt for pastel shades as they tend to have a calming influence on mind. Bright shades, tempered by neutral colors like grey and white, can also be used to decorate this space.

Bedroom furniture

Bed remains in the focal point in this room. There are plenty of bed types for you to choose from. Storage beds are best for small homes. Traditional four poster beds look well in a classical or country setting. Platform beds are ideal for modern homes. Panel beds also feel stylish in a contemporary home. Murphy beds or trundle beds are excellent choices for one room apartments or guest rooms in a small home.

Choose matching nightstands with your bed. You may buy nightstands that could be mounted on the wall or on the headboard to free up some floor space. Invest in a chic floating tv cabinet if you prefer watching tv from bed.

Place a small sofa, upholstered ottoman bench or sleigh couch at the foot of the bed. You may place a couple of armchairs with a small coffee table in one corner of the room, preferably near the windows. Many homeowners prefer having a bedroom dresser, vanity unit and wardrobe in this space as well.

Wood is the most preferred choice of material for bedroom furniture. High quality wooden furniture made of mahogany, walnut, maple, oak, cherry etc is extremely durable and looks elegant.

Bedroom styles

Choose a style that synchronizes with the other parts of the house. You may select from such bedroom styles as rustic, classic, modern, Scandinavian and so on. Choose your furniture, color scheme, fabric and décor items according to the style you have selected for your room. While searching for bedroom decorating ideas on homify you will come across many bedroom styles. Closely follow bedroom ideas that seem suitable for the space you are about to decorate or renovate.

How to design a bedroom on a budget?

You do not need to spend heavily every time you refurbish your bedroom. Sometimes small changes like changing the color scheme of the feature or decorating it with wallpaper can induce a cheery feel in the ambience. The same applies for the upholstery. To add spice in the bedroom, consider buying a colorful area rug and place it close to the bed. You may also replace your old and outdated lampshades or table lamps with a couple of brand new ones and add a vivifying feel in the interior atmosphere.

How to design a bedroom with feng shui?

Feng shui helps you to design a healthy and harmonious living space. Following feng shui tips for your bedroom is another way of decorating a comfortable and calm interior. Make sure the head of the bed doesn’t point towards the bathroom or kitchen. Don’t place the bed in front of an open doorway. Try not to place it under heavy beams as well. All these may cause energy and sleep disturbances.

Tips for small bedrooms

Buy bedroom furniture that optimizes the storage space. And invest in lightweight furniture. Bulky furniture makes the room look all the more cramped. Illuminate the room to make it look more expansive and cheerful. Install floating shelves to relieve clutters from the floor space.

Check these amazing small bedroom designs for some more inspirations.

Which of these bedroom decoration ideas did you find most interesting?

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