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Solares Architecture Minimalist house
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What if we tell you that the house that you are about to see in this ideabook is the humble abode of the creators themselves, who create the perfect homes for so many families in and around Toronto. This is the house of the founders of Solares Architects, Tom and Christine, who they have designed as per their requirements. The house sports a minimalist style with elan, and has a very urban and cozy air to it. Minimalist is a style that can never go out of trend. Minimalist style creates an aura of space, freshness, and is easy on maintenance, which makes it a great choice for busy people, who do not wish to use up much time maintaining and organizing the house. Let us have a tour of this house.

The view from a distance

The house looks neat and simple, and stand out in color among the neighbors. The small garage is also created like a cottage for the car, adding to the overall appearance of the house. Notice the neatly worked grass patch leading to the garage that is perfectly placed with the idea that the types of the car shall never be coming on it. Very thoughtful indeed!

The facade

The facade of the house is simple, in white black and wood, looking basic and yet very attractive. A small grass covered lawn is a great place to catch some sunlight and fresh air. The small set of patio chair and table is comfortable to spend more time out in the open.

The stairs to the entrance

The stairs that lead to the entrance of the house, are made of soft wood, and so is the railing too. The combination of black, white and wood works well for a minimalist house like this.

The ground floor

The stairs from the entrance lead up to the hall, that is comprised of the dining area, kitchen and the living. The ground floor also has a small bathroom, fitted with a toilet seat and a sink. Let us have a look at the hall.

The living hall

This is the view of the minimalist living hall of the founders of Solares Architecture. A simple kitchen with a wooden counter top, with a double sink fitted on to an island that acts as a division between the kitchen and the rest of the hall. The dining table is a small round wooden one, that is just perfect for a small family of four. See more minimalist kitchens that look super cool.

The view of the kitchen

Everything in the kitchen kind of fits in one wall, the refrigerator, the microwave oven the cooking range and the storage. That is the advantage of minimalist style, easy to maintain and easy to clean. See how to decorate your home with a minimalist approach.

The basement plan

The basement is planned as a rental suite for a small family. The entrance opens into the hall that comprises of the kitchen. living room and a small dining room. Behind the kitchen is a bedroom and an en-suite bathroom.

The stairs to the upper floor

The stairs behind the kitchen lead to the upper floor, where all the personal rooms are.

The Upper Floor

This floor consists of a master bedroom, two kids bedrooms and one bathroom. Let us have a look at these rooms too.

The master bedroom

White the protagonist makes this room super cozy to curl up in the bed right away. The wall above the headboard is decorated with some great artwork in the form of drawings, two side lamps and a small central hanging light are just the perfect ingredients for a simple and minimalist bedroom.

Kids bedroom No. 1

A minimalist room with a mattress on the floor and a bed fixed on the wall, makes the room simple yet playful.

Kids Bedroom No. 2

A floor bed, an easel board and a pretend kitchen is all what a little girl needs. Hope you liked this simple and minimalist house of the designers who work hard to make your dream house a reality.

How does a minimalist house sound to you? Let us know your thoughts!

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