A rug in the dining room: 9 rules for success

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Having a rug in the dining room might seem absolutely normal to some, while strange and impractical to some others. The choice of having a rug depends on whether you have small children who might cause frequent spills, the temperature of the place you live in and the type of floor that you have in the dining area, after all who would want to cover a beautiful white marble floor with a rug? 

If you are still feeling indecisive with the idea of having a rug in the dining room, this ideabook may have some tips, that will help you reach your decision. Have a look!

1. Color coordinate the rug with the dining room

A rug in the dining room, is a great ally for the walls and choosing the right colors can make an appealing aesthetic combination for the dining room area. In this picture, the rug chosen by the designers is on the same color scheme, creating a cool blue atmosphere in the dining room.

2. Wondering if there is a standard rug size ?

Rugs come in a number of standard sizes. A rug might be as small as 2 feet by 3 feet and may be as large as 10 feet by 14 feet or even more if your desire. The standard sizes that rugs are generally available are: 2x3, 3x5, 4x6, 5x8, 8x10, 9x12 etc. 

You can select the one that fits the size of your dining room or dining table, and can even get it custom made for your room.

3. Dining room area rugs

It is not essential to cover the entire dining room with a rug, you can very well have just an area rug, that highlights the dining table creating a visual separation without having to actually create one.

4. The cost of rugs for the dining room

There is a huge variety in rugs and you will have to decide the one that fits your room and your budget. A basic rug in natural materials may start from $200 and the price will increase with the increasing size, detail and intricacies. A machine rug in synthetic material may start from $100 and the prices increase proportionately with the increasing sizes. A Persian rug in the smallest of size may start from $300 and there is no upper limit to it. 

Rugs that are made by hand, are as a rule more costly than that made by machines, as hand made rugs are made using natural fibers and are unique.

5. Choose a rug with a lot of pattern

With the dining room rug, spills are just inevitable. Therefore the rug has to be such which has a lot of pattern on it, so that the spills will not be that visible as they would be on a solid rug. Can you even imagine an ivory white rug under the dining table?

6. Rule of thumb for rugs in dinning rooms

You can forever relish a rug in your dining room, if you follow the simple rule of thumb: A dining room rug should always be at least 25 inches extra from all sides after the chairs are tucked in. This margin will keep the pulling out of chair safe and hassle free, and one will not have to lift and tuck the chair back in.

7. Another rule for a dining table rug

Dining room rugs should be flat weave or low pile ones, in order to allow ease of movement of chairs around, and also for their ease of cleaning.Both of these reasons make the flat weaved and low pile rugs a more practical and relatively low maintenance choice for the living room.

8. A Smart alternative : Carpet tiles

If you want to create something unique, or if your dining room does not support a perfect rectangle shape, then using carpet tiles is a great idea for creating a rug under your dining table. Carpet tiles is also a great idea when you have frequent spills, as you only need to clean the soiled carpet tile, and not the entire carpet. You can also keep some extra tiles for replacing in future.

9. Cleaning tips for rugs

Cleaning the rugs requires patience and the right supplies. A carpet needs to be vacuumed at regular intervals. Once a month the carpet should be brushed manually with a carpet brush. If there are spills, there are anhydrous carpet cleaning soaps/sprays that absorb the dirt and can be vacuumed away. Once a year a carpet should be washed thoroughly with soap and water and should be dried in the sun for a fresh new feel.

Hope this ideabook helped you reach the decision of having a rug in your dining room.

Are you still scared of the idea of having a rug in the dining room?

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