A Small and Modern Weekend Home in Toronto

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When you have a house in the town, with all the peace and quiet surrounding it, well you want some fun on the weekends too. This is a weekend getaway home for a couple who lives in Oakville and love to invite friends over for a weekend full of frolic in Toronto. This weekend home in Toronto is very modern with a contemporary twist, light and bright and has a quirky vibe about it. The designers at Douglas Design Studio understood the couple's requirements to the minutest detail and created this ultra modern home with clean lines and unique elements that you would love to see. What do you say, shall we take a tour?

The Entrance To The Home

The entrance door is a plain and solid black door with a very neat appearance, and the wall that it resides on is also painted black to create a bold look and a complete contrast to the white kitchen. The door opens into the hall with kitchen on one side and the living room in front.

Complete View Of The Kitchen

The kitchen is small, hosting all the necessary equipment yet minimalist in nature, which is a great choice because the house will mostly be used over the weekends when cooking will definitely be only for necessity and not luxury. The kitchen has a peninsula that is used for the cleaning function and also serves as a visual separation from the living room.

The Dining Area

We are sure you would not have seen a dining table as unique as this one. This table has been created with wooden branches intermingled with each other to create a strong and contemporary base that supports a transparent glass on the top. Transparent is the best option for this table, as it has a lot of detail that the designers did not want to go unnoticed. The colorful modern painting adds to the charm of the dining table and makes the dining area stand out.

The Corner Turn Table

Entertainment only gets doubled when it is coupled with music. This corner turntable in the living room has a quirky record player that blends well with the entire black, grey and white appearance of the room. Adding to the style and the quirky vibe is the black and white picture on the grey wall above it, framed in wood.

The Living Room

Right in the center of the monotone hall dominated by the shades of whites and blacks is this colorful oasis of the living room with white couch over a reddish rust rug and highlighted beautifully with matte silver pieces for tables and stools.

Large Windows for Natural Light

The living room is lighted up with natural light, and that highlights the colors and the contrasts beautifully.

The Bedroom

The bedroom is modern, simple and minimalist yet cozy. The drapes, upholstery is all white to make the room appear fresh and big.The wall behind the bed has a subtle printed wallpaper that adds some texture to the room. 

The Bed Side Table

The bed side table is as important as the bed itself and the table in this house is simple, practical and easy to clean and maintain.

Hope this small weekend home in Toronto gave you some ideas that you would want to implement or experiment with too.

Let us know what you liked the best in this Toronto home!

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