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Modern siding plays a key role in the facade design of your house. They are not there simply to beautify your house, but also to protect the exterior walls of the building. Sidings are not exactly a modern invention. Residential homes of every part of the globe are being designed with sidings from time immemorial. In many traditional mountain huts of Canada you will see the wise use of sidings. 

We will discuss some of the many reasons of using sidings on the exterior walls, different siding materials and much more in today’s article.

Siding options

Different siding options and siding materials can be used in residential structures boasting of different façade designs. For example, certain siding materials like metal are ideal for contemporary structures. They are best not utilized for rustic homes. Before we discuss the types of available materials and their pros and cons, let’s have a brief look at the many benefits of having sidings on the exterior walls of your home.

Appropriate sidings help to accentuate the beauty of the exterior of any house. So every homeowner who cares about the curb appeal of his or her home must opt for sidings.

They improve the insulation qualities of your home by increasing the R value or the resistance factor. This automatically helps you to improve the condition of the interior atmosphere and energy efficiency of your home. You can stay in a comfortably warm home in the winter and a cool one in summertime.

With the help of modern colored sidings you can add a bit of spice of the façade of your home.

Modern siding helps to protect the exterior walls of your dwelling and increase their lifespan.

Modern siding ideas: What to consider?

Before opting for any one or different types of house siding, make sure you know how to choose the best ones of your home. When in doubt don't hesitate to contact an experienced architect. Choose modern house siding depending on the architecture and façade design of your house. Sidings with increased resistance value provide better comfort and energy efficiency to your home. It is better to opt for materials that are water resistant. This expands the lifespan of the walls. Besides, you save cost in frequent renovations of your façade.

Choose durable siding materials so avoid the hassles of frequent refurbishing and draining of money. There is a big push for choosing eco-friendly siding materials for very good reasons.

Metal siding

Metal siding – Durability of metal makes it an ideal choice for contemporary homes. They are not prone to developing rots. However, iron based metal siding without proper galvanization can develop rusts. This type of siding is not prone to pest attacks either. Metal sidings can be easily painted. They are also fire resistant.  

Metal happens to be one of the most favored siding options in Canada. But you should be aware about some of its deficiencies as well. Aluminium is a rather soft metal and can develop dents and scratches over a period of time. Copper changes color due to constant exposure to the environment. Metal is heavy. So this type of sidings need greater reinforcements during installation which prolongs the time required for installation. They must be painted every 5 to 6 years’ or so to maintain its prim look.

Wood siding options

Wood sidings continue to beautify the exteriors of modern houses as well as the classical and country style ones. The most commonly used wood type for this purposes are cedar, spruce, pine and redwood. Wood is used in a variety of ways for the external walls. Some of the commonest ones include shingles, board and batten, log, vertical boards, horizontal lap siding and sheets.

Board and batten type sidings can give your house a chic look. Two separate wooden boards are joined together with a thin strip of wood in this case. Logs are very common in the mountain regions of Canada. Log houses make the best use of this type of sidings. Wooden shingles are very common in urban dwellings as well as the rural ones. This type of sidings is made of thin slices of natural wood. Vertical and horizontal sidings are very popular for the modern façades. The cost of wooden sidings varies between $5 CAD and $12 CAD. You may need a minimum of $7200 CAD to clad your entire house with wooden shingles.

There are several benefits of using wooden sidings on the exterior walls. They have a telling effect on the façade design of your home. They increase the inviting feel due to their warm color and varying texture. Natural wood is an extremely durable material. Properly treated and seasoned wood does not develop rots. High quality wood is also not prone to pest attacks.

You can design modern facades as well as the rustic ones with wooden boards, logs, shingles, boards or laps. Wood provides you with a range of customization options. Wood is one of the best insulating material for your home. No surprise then that you feel so comfortable in summer months as well as winter in a home decorated with wooden sidings.

However, wood needs to be repainted in every 6 years’ or so. Ill maintained and poor quality wooden shingles, boards or logs are prone to pest attacks. They are not the most fire resistant of the materials. They are also not one of the cheaper siding materials.

Modern vinyl siding

Modern vinyl siding is favored due to its cost effectiveness. They also provide you with improved insulation of your home and help you maintain an energy efficient structure. You may invest in vinyl sidings with a look of stone or natural wood. They are not susceptible to pest attacks. They can be used in a variety of ways to design a stylish exterior of your house. Installation of vinyl siding is relatively easy. Many homeowners prefer doing it themselves.

One of the biggest concerns about vinyl is it is not a biodegradable material. So naturally they are a threat to the environment. Though it is fairly water resistant, but the material is not completely waterproof. This means the surface underneath could be affected by seeping rainwater. Vinyl cannot be repainted either. If you ever get fed up with it, you will have to replace it with a new one with a differently look and design. Vinyl does not have the durability of natural wood or stone.

Cement siding

Stucco or cement siding is frequently used in modern homes. Fiber cement siding is hailed for its eco-friendly nature. Fiber cement is made from a blend of wooden fibers, cement and sand. They can be designed to resemble the looks of other materials like natural stone and wood. This is one of the main reasons of their increased popularity. Cement siding is fire resistant, not prone to insect attacks and moisture related issues. It is one of the most durable materials for modern homes.

Other materials for outdoor siding panels

House exterior materials are available in a range of varieties. Depending on the architecture of your home and your personal requirements, you may choose outdoor siding panels for your house. You may even opt for a combination of sidings made of different materials. You have already seen some of the advantages of using wood, cement and metal sidings. Brick siding as well as stone siding is also common in modern homes. Brick siding is a particularly cost effective and durable option. Stone siding is highly coveted for its beautiful tone and texture.

Check out these materials for designing the facade of your home.

Which of these siding options do you find most attractive?

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