Black Doors: The Glamor of the Façade

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Black doors are one of the most favorite front doors colors for the homeowners. It has been so for ages. Some of the medieval buildings that we see in many parts of the world boast of black doors. Perhaps you are wondering why painting doors black is considered to be so much in vogue. Then let us tell you that black door colors are coveted for their beauty and elegance. As you can see, it perfectly matches the façade designs of modern homes as well as the classical ones. 

When you speak of a black door, the image of the house at 10, Downing Street comes in everyone’s mind. No doubt then that black door colors are associated with such prestige and timeless charm. Famous George Brown House in Toronto also had a black front door at one point of time. Today we will share with you some crucial information about choosing this door color for your home.

Black front door

Black entrance door is hailed for its regal charm. It contributes massively in the design of the façade and is capable of immediately drawing everyone’s attention. Being a neutral shade, black blends well with every other color. It looks good in a house decorated with exposed brick walls. Modern buildings decked up with black vinyl sidings cannot ignore its charm. Log houses also look astonishingly pretty with a black front door. The same applies for Scandinavian style residential buildings that prefer the combination of white and grey in the interior of the house as well as on the exterior walls.

Best materials for a black door

Wood happens to be one of the most favored materials for the front doors. It is strong and durable. It can be stained in different colors including black. Natural wooden doors can be carved into attractive style. They look warm and welcoming. They match the facades of the contemporary homes as well as the rustic ones. But wood is not the sole material for your front door. Alloy steel doors are very popular due to their strength and durability. They merge well with the design of the contemporary residential buildings. They are not exactly weather proof, but they are not susceptible to any kind of pest attacks. Besides they provide adequate security to those living in the house.

Wooden doors covered into black steel sheet are somewhat of a modern trend. When you are opting for a black door, you can select one like this. Other materials for front doors include fiberglass. Fiberglass doors look trendy and are available in a range of shades including black. Aluminium doors also look sleek in modern doors. Vinyl doors can be installed in the interior of the house, in the garage, garden and terrace. Pitch black vinyl doors will immediately increase the charm of your home.

Feng shui black doors

Followers of feng shui may be worried about the implication of the black doors on the front of the house or for the interiors. There is a misconception that feng shui prohibits the installation of a black door in your home. However, this is very far from being true. Doors with chic black tone can be installed in the northern part of your house. If the front façade of your building faces north then you can easily consider installing it as a front door. It will emphasize the water element as the color is associated with water. So you should meet and expert and have your personal bagua map analyzed to see if water element needs any further emphasizing according to your chart. When done properly, it can bring happiness and stability in your life.

Types of black paint color

Planning to buy black door paint soon? Then try to collect as much information as possible about the types of black paint. Every company has its own specification and names for the shades. So this could turn out to be slightly confusing. The best way to include it in your color scheme is by buying a small sample and applying it on the door to see if it is matching well with the surroundings or not. You can easily seek opinions from an expert interior designer. If you are opting for vinyl or fiberglass door then you will have no scope of painting them in chosen shade. So select the proper shade after a careful consideration. You must remember very dark gray, brown, ebony, kohl, onyx and dark olive are all included in the black door paints as they tend to look almost pitch dark when seen from a distance.

Black interior doors

You can select any of the aforementioned shades for the interior doors as well. After all, they are some of the best black paint for interior doors. Black interior doors look stylish and clean. They don’t get stained easily, so it is easier to maintain them, especially, if you have installed them in your kitchen or dining room. However, you should regularly clean your black front and interior doors to remove loose dust. They tend to be particularly conspicuous on black color. You may also combine other shades like red, blue, metallic gray, white, pale gray or green with black in your interior doors. Having the natural look of wood with black is also possible. The frames of the glass doors can easily painted in black for extra impact.

Black French doors

Black French doors look ultra stylish in your living room, dining area, bedroom or kitchen, particularly, if any of these rooms open towards the garden. You can enjoy the excellent views of the outside through the glass panels. The black frames provide a sleek impact on the interiors. You may also install black shutters on your French doors. French doors with wooden and metallic frames are favored for this purpose. They last for a long time and help you glamorize the interior of your house with their charming existence.

Door decoration

Don’t forget to buy appropriate door hardware for your black interior or exterior doors. You may choose door hardware with metallic grey or gold tone. Metallic tends to look better in a contemporary setting. Golden shade looks beautiful in a traditionally decorated home. See that every part of the door matches with each other well. A door knob with golden hue would look awkward with door hinges having a copper tone. Clear glass door knobs and handles also look well on a black door.

Do decorate your dark doors further, choose curtains with interesting color schemes. Black and white curtains look great in a room with black windows and doors. If you have a Scandinavian or contemporary interior décor then choose this combination. Consider opting for geometric or abstract motifs instead of the floral ones. Green plants look great on a black drop. Place green potted plants on either side of the doorway. You may choose to decorate your front door by placing green hedges alongside the doorway or with the help of attractive potted plants. Don’t forget to place a prominent sculpture of two close by. These small steps will help you increase the charm of the façade.

Install wall scones on either side of the door or a sleek lighting fixture on top of it. Not only would this make your doors more secure, but also help other to see and appreciate their beauty. Many people prefer decorating the black interior doors with empty photo frames. You may follow the same as well. Choose frames that match the color scheme of the room.

Which of these black door designs do you find most attractive?

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