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Want to explore something different and innovative in modern architecture? Then join us on this tour of a one roof house designed by MLNP Architects in South Korea. The architecture emphasizes on the spatial arrangement of the interiors. The sectional plans are all under the same roof; but each section is distinctively different from the other. You will also notice both vertical and horizontal layouts simultaneously running through the entire structure.

Modern homes in South Korea flaunt two styles: cool curvatures and sleek designs, which are accommodated even on small land areas. Looking at this house for the first time, it will be hard to believe that there is so much space inside. The barn-like structure does not give away much. For that, you need to take a peek inside…

Open and airy kitchen

The kitchen and dining area is well-ventilated and sufficiently illuminated. The kitchen island is on the right, complete with bar tools and a trolley for drinks. A wall cabinet lets you arrange your favourite books and display artefacts. A large number of closed cupboards along with a massive refrigerator help in organising cookware, edibles and other essentials.

Observe how wood in soft tones has been predominantly used throughout the kitchen, for both flooring and furnishing. A long dining table lies on the left, with a vibrant sofa on one side and chairs on the other. And behind the sofa are glass windows, to let natural light permeate the entire space. The smart lights hanging from the ceiling are ideal for cosy evenings when everyone gets together enjoy a home-cooked meal.

Striking facade

The facade is simple but imposing. The triangular-shaped glass window in the upper storey allows natural light to flow inside the structure. The combination of charcoal grey and white looks modern and minimalist. A row of trees has been planted alongside the house, so that the inhabitants can enjoy proximity to nature. The upper storey is punctuated with windows which let in adequate sunshine during the day. A skylight on the top of the roof helps too.

Brilliant staircase

The chic staircase which helps you to reach the top storey of the building exhibits a unique feature. Three large steps have been converted into shelves for books. The books are stacked vertically, and the three broad wooden steps serve as sitting areas. And as you move up, you have tiny steps leading to an open space which has become a study area. The hanging lights and a house-shaped window in the staircase, keep the place illuminated both artificially and naturally.

A serene attic

The cosy attic is well-suited for enjoying a nice chat with friends. You can install your home theatre system so that the wall serves the purpose of the screen. A comfy armchair and a small footrest are all you need, when you plan to watch a movie all by yourself. Apart from the skylight which is the source of natural light, there are two hanging lamps for the evenings. The decor is minimal, the furniture is simple, but the ambience is great.

Outdoor pleasures

Every nook and corner of this house has a pleasant surprise in store for you. This small airy deck comes with a beautiful wooden table and a few simple but smart chairs. Though there is a rustic feeling about this place, it can easily turn into something romantic with the help of candles and flowers. And on a breezy summer night, you can also relish a comforting dinner on this deck.

The best thing about this house is that, the layouts are extremely flexible and can be converted into anything the family prefers. Ample space offers various possibilities. However, the privacy of the family members has not been compromised in any way, despite the abode’s openness. If you are looking for more inspiration, then take a look at this ideabook – An Eco-friendly House Filled with Aesthetic Pleasure.

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