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Today on homify we will visit a magnificent specimen of modern architecture with a taste for the nostalgic. The Greco House is an offering from the renowned Argentinian firm, Carbone Fernandez Architects. They have put their name to many well known and impressive projects, and now we get to see a more intimate endeavour – that of a family home in Buenos Aires. 

This large and lavish house stretches across 55,000 square metres on a very generous plot of land. The project in its entirety was completed in 2011, and we can see that it is the type of building that will last for ages. We are sure you will agree that the house is in a classic and timeless style that is reminiscent of large estate homes. It definitely looks like a home suited to the gentry. The interior, on the other hand, does offer these characteristics, whilst also having a charming country-inspired warmth. 

Does this seem interesting? Well, join us to inspect the property!

Overwhelming proportions

So, here it is, the splendid Greco House! What do you think? It is definitely not a structure to be trifled with, we would say. This traditional brick building looks like the home on an old-money English estate, and definitely evokes a romanticism for the lifestyle of the upper class. This image is supported by the spacious green plot on which the home is situated – big enough for a racecourse! 

The dimensions of the house itself are just as impressive. We can see multiple sections comprising of the structure, as well as several levels. The interior can surely be divided into different sections to create privacy and distinct areas. 

Classic characteristics

Zooming in a bit on the building's façade, we can see more clearly the home's classic features and traditional influences. The brown brick structure consists of several sections, topped with a traditional cross gabled roof (easily identified by its inverted 'V' shape). This immediately gives the house a position of nobility and elegance – timeless traits that will be an asset to any property. 

We can see large, glass sliding doors that will open up onto the spacious lawn from various areas in the house. This effect is echoed in the use of glass panels in between the gable support brackets of the central section of the house, as well as large windows and glass doors on the top floor. 

On the porch, we see arches between the columns, just to add that touch of sophistication and distinction with this simple, tried-and-trusted feature. 

Warm features

So, now that we have seen the façade of the house in all its glory, let's peruse the interior of the home as well. First impressions must certainly include the prolific use of dark wood as material in the living areas. This is definitely the first feature guests will see in general, as the front door – which we see at the rear to the right – is also made of this material. This tasteful double-door has a simple design, but has some added flavour with a touch of engraved ornamentation in the middle section. 

The majority of this interior is paved with black ceramic tiles. This ensures a serious, yet edgy background for furniture and decoration to follow. It also allows for the white walls to gain focal attention, and to expand the vertical visual perimeter of the rooms. 

Light and dark

Here is the dining room from a different vantage point (we were standing in it in the previous image). Once again we can see the effect of the black floor: creating negative space to make the white walls seem larger and consequently make the dimensions of the room seem more expansive. 

At the back we can see a large window looking out to the lawn side of the property. This extensive opening allows for ample light to enter the home, which will make dining during the day cheerful and sunny, while at night you could certainly see romantic moonlight and stars. 

The furniture is unpretentious and elegant. In addition to this, we see a stylish chandelier and matching candlesticks to provide ambience. You'll only have to present a half-decent meal at a dinner party in this room, and your good taste will remain undisputed!

Modern comforts

Now to the kitchen. We have seen the warm character of the dark wood features, we've seen the manipulation of visual space with colour, and we've seen the elegance of simplicity. Here in the kitchen we can also see that this home has all the modern features you'll need to live in absolute comfort. The kitchen area is equipped with state of the art appliances to make cooking a treat.

The rest of the kitchen is also simple and unobtrusive. The cabinets and counters are white, and the floor in this area is neutral. In contrast to the living and social areas, this colour background is more suited to the utility of the space, as you'd want a room where you prepare food to be spotless. You'd also want a space that's easy to clean and where it is easy to identify when things are not clean – hence the neutral colours. 

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Outdoor lifestyle

Finally, we get to explore this extensive estate's recreation area. Well, at least part of it! You can be assured, though, that the swimming pool is definitely the star of the lawn. 

The large feature also includes a hot tub section, and to the left sprouts a halo of concrete to be the pool deck. Here we see some recliners for luxurious sunbathing, as well as a sun umbrella for indulgent cocktails by the poolside. 

This enormous country house definitely has much to offer, and will remain timeless in the annals of good taste! 

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