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7 international styles to pick from when you are designing your dream home

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There is a distinctive home-style which is intrinsic and holds true to all places. So whichever part of the world you might be living in, you can cater to your eclectic taste and infuse styles from different parts of the world to make your homes truly international. Flipping through a magazine or browsing the net would reveal to you the myriad home styles which make them unique and beautiful. So if you are asking yourself what kind of styles can I design in? No worries, a quick detour around different types of houses around the world can make you spoilt for choice! So read on and start planning your dream home according to International home styles. 

Import from France

The French are known for their la-di-da style! If you are fond of French cuisine and want to emulate the French way of designing a kitchen look no further! You can bring some simple elements of the french kitchen to make it look uber chic and utterly savvy! The French usually keep their cupboards simple without a hint of frills and fancies! They prefer open shelves  over cabinets. So French kitchens usually  have curtains covering the shelves. The French keep their floor tiled and use flagstones. Checkerboard flooring or stained concrete you can pick your choice to give your kitchen a french feel and look! Curtains hung from worktops give a very Gallic feel to the whole kitchen. This single element can transform your entire kitchen!Use the same fabric to cover your windows and you are good to go! In France, the dining area is also part of the kitchen, so throw in some wooden or wrought iron chairs and table to slip into french style with ease. Round it off with a wooden (oak) countertop or stone countertop and you would be closer to your goal of building a French kitchen!

Bedroom From Brazil

The place to rest or repose. The bedroom where you can comfortably curl up and rest your weary bones! But how can I get a bedroom as per international home styles? If that’s what is worrying you then don’t  worry there are a plethora of options to explore! A tropical flavor added to your bedroom can do wonders.  A slice of Brazil can augment the tropical vibe which could prove to be a solace to your jangled nerves. Weathered furniture, like wicker and rattan not to forget the ubiquitous ceiling fan! Elements of flower and gauzy curtains can lend a distinctive exotic touch! Floral motifs on the curtains and cushions can highlight the  Brazilian vibe! It reduces the fatigue factor and refurbishes it with a tropical freshness. Bright walls and cheery colors complete the look!

Checkout the brightly decked up bedroom designed by Bruna Riscali Arquitetura E Design from Sao Paolo, Brazil.

German Bathroom

Instead of asking yourself what kind of styles can I design in? explore and excavate the European designs especially German designs for your bathroom. The elegant designs of the bathroom  and the luxurious feel they lend to most homes should be incorporated to make your bathrooms look and feel beautiful. The Germans are known to use rice papers, picture framed with the color black and use of bamboo gives it a discerning touch! There is not too much use of accessories the approach is pretty minimalistic but it makes it look modern and stylish!

British Living Room

The soigne savviness of the British is looked up to and to instill in your living room that bit of colonial touch can make your room plush ornate and royal! A living room is a representation of your art and aesthetics. This is where you receive your guests and obviously you would like to deck it up with your choicest accessories. The most defining feature of a British living room is the use of texture and lots of it! While each piece is unique they amalgamate to form one unifying whole like the rattan to the  animal print rug, each can give a distinctive touch! The overt use of wood can make it look snug and comfortable. Light hued walls blend in well with the rich surroundings. The color scheme is mostly brown white and beiges but you can add a pop of color on the rugs, vases or bowls and mix it up with interesting patterns and textures can break the monotony of light solid colors. The presence of a gilded mirror can also add the touch of ornate and traditionalism to make the living room complete.

Italian Playroom

You can decorate your home keeping in mind your personal taste but when it comes to your kids room do as the Italians do! Italians lend a lot of color to the kid’s room but also keep it in their minds that the child would grow one day and would outgrow that room so they keep it smart! They keep the walls simple and infuse the color with the accessories! Like a red bunk bed and bright patterned pillows and cushions sometimes carrying cartoon characters, obviously the one which is the particular child’s favorite. You can let your imagination grow wild with your child’s room think funky and add a mirror in the shape of a cloud! Your child is going to love it! Use child- friendly furnishings and let the fun begin! Your kid’s bedroom is now a la’ the international home styles.

Japanese Garden

Your garden provides solace for your parched soul and no way can you ignore it! Lately, the West is borrowing heavily from  the East to lend an exotic touch to your garden. Japanese lifestyle is reflected in their gardens which are deeply connected to nature. Use of different kinds of plants to give it a verdant touch use of maple gives a break from the green monotony. An oriental entrance gives it a royal flair so add that to turn your garden into a Japanese oasis. The ubiquitous use of bamboo gives it a distinctive oriental flavor! A Japanese garden is usually a constricted version of a larger landscape. Give your garden a Japanese twist and bathe in its soothing tranquility.

Portuguese Terrace

Deck up your terrace in the best possible way! Even if it's small you can turn it into a cozy niche by incorporating some boho- chic styles! A Portuguese vibe can blend in the salt of the sea and relaxed ambiance of the place making it a wonderful place to relax after a stressful day! Give it a white washed look as in Portugal they complement the azure sea beautifully! Put in a few cushions,  Add a patterned rug and put in some potted plants and there wouldn’t  be a cozier place to catch up with yourself!

If you incorporate the best of the world’s designs you can conjure up the dream home you always spent hours wondering about!  A slice of the exotic east, the utilitarian minimalism of the west The boho vibe of the Mediterranean a combination of all this can give you a home which is cosmopolitan in the real sense of the word!  So don’t bother yourself silly as to what kind of style should I design in my house? Now you can sit back and see the architectural wonder, a home which would be like a culmination of international home-styles!

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