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Brilliant, beautiful bathroom trends

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We have often told you that one of the most underrated rooms in the house is usually the bathroom.

But why? If you think of the decor in your bedrooms, living room and kitchen, the bathroom seems insignificant in comparison as it is the smallest room. However, if we look at the home carefully, we realise that the bathroom is one of the spaces that we usually use most throughout the day. It's where we brush our teeth, wash our faces, bath, shower and use the toilet! Therefore, irrespective of the size, the bathroom is a place that should be decorated beautifully and you should take full advantage of its features to make it a practical and comfortable space.

In today's homify article, we show you six bathroom trends that are modern and fashionable. We will speak about the sink, toilet, tub and coatings. The six trends are illustrated with six photographs and six fantastic projects that will leave us feeling absolutely delighted.

Continue reading this article to be inspired to have your dream bathroom, even if it is small. You want to highlight this important space in your home!

Loose bathtubs

This is a fantastic idea and very popular at the moment, but it is actually a reinvention of a trend that you may have seen in past centuries when it comes to bathroom decor. Historically, baths were once loose! There were no bathtubs built into the corner of the bathroom, where the walls of the bathroom actually form two sides of the bath, saving space. There were baths that were a simple white tub, with beautiful feet made in silver, wihte or gold.

Today we are bringing this trend back, but with a much more modern design. As you can see in this photograph, with a design by GLR Architects, the tub looks fit for the 21st century and looks gorgeous!

Simple and Beautiful Washbasins

Because there is no bathroom complete without a nice sink or a gorgeous tap, next we will talk about the basin. 

A trend that remains consistent throughout time is a simple and beautiful sink. Simplicity, when done right, is the decorating trick that never fails.

In this example, by Lavradio Design, you can see how this sink forms a fantastic white sphere, perched on top of the white bench. This is a bathroom where the walls are lined with patterned triangles, done in various shades of gray. This becomes the centre of attention!

The rest of the bathroom, however, including the counter top, sink, toilet and bath are simple and plain, so there is not much visual clutter.

Taps with Taste

Next we will talk to you about the taps. It's amazing how such a small part of your bathroom can make all of the difference in the world aesthetically. 

In this image, you will see the perfect example of a simple and clean tap, which fits into all kinds of decor styles because of its simplicity. This works particularly well in modern trends. It's a simple pipe of metal, extending out of the wall – or mirror – which looks very sleek and sophisticated.

Look through the homify range of bathroom products for inspiration.

Toilet high and suspended

When we see a suspended toilet, it is impossible not to see how modern and on trend it is. Looking at this photograph, we are certain that the toilet is the first thing that catches our attention!

If you have an opportunity to change your toilet or if you are building a bathroom from scratch, suspended toilets are the perfect solution to imddediately transform your bathroom into a more contemporary and modern sapce.

Different materials like marble

A material that is increasingly being used in the decorating of homes, in any room, is marble. This is a type of stone that gives a sophisticated touch to any space and makes it clean, modern and comfortable all at the same time. 

We have seen granite used in the kitchen, in offices, in halls and now… in the bathroom. And in much quantity!

Marble works beautifully with other materials. In this particular case, Landmark Architects have chosen to use this material for the floors, walls and the bathroom bench. This works beautifully with the black and white tiles on the other wall. 

And how fantastic does the end result look, showing that an abundance of marble in the bathroom doesn't end up looking tired or boring!

Read these tips: Remember to always keep it slick, chic and minimal.

Shower In Style

In this last tip, we show you how sophisticated a bathroom can look with a fantastic shower, especially if your bathroom is small. 

Because the truth is, what takes up the most space in the bathroom is the bath. So if there is not enough space, then it's time to opt for a shower – it's the perfect solution. 

A shower – a bath where you can stand up – takes up much less space. 

In this bathroom, there is another advantage. The glass door of the shower keeps the room looking big and spacious. A glass shower means that there is ample space!

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