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Tips for designing small bathrooms

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Bathrooms are usually neglected when it comes to redesigning a house for better utilisation of space, but leaving the old bathroom as it is may cause anomalies in design. During renovations, you must include bathrooms in the plan to add a touch of modernity and beauty to your home. A bathroom lacking space needs to be designed in such a way that the maximum wall space is utilised to provide built-in cabinets, open shelves and hooks on walls to keep the floor space free. The limited space and budget are never a constraint for innovative design, so let’s take a tour to get ideas on how to refresh your small bathroom by following these simple tips implemented by professional bathroom designers.  

1. Artistic storage planning

Lack of floor space does not imply a reduction in utilities, comfort and storage in the bathroom. A few storage areas can be included by creating open ledges for small accessories like bathroom fresheners or toiletries as well as cabinets under the washbasin for large items such as cleaning tools or linen, like in this bathroom. However, while designing the storage, keep in mind that it should not overpower the space. Otherwise, the wall will look crowded.

2. Mirror on the wall

A mirror located at the right place to reflect daylight streaming in from the window is a perfect modern bathroom décor accessory. This large mirror makes the modern bathroom appear spacious while the pastel and neutral tones in combination with the glass wall between the shower area and other sections of the bathroom, give the illusion of length.

3. A large window for light and ventilation

When designing a small bathroom, make sure that large windows are part of the plan. Lack of barriers to light makes the region seem spacious while unadorned walls give a charming spin to the open shower area. Additionally, it will help to keep the air in the bathroom fresh.

4. Take advantage of a rectangular layout

Bathroom storage is one of the main concerns we all have when it comes to tiny bathrooms, and therefore, every corner needs to be used wisely. Floating shelves in the shower area and handle-free drawers holding items of daily use give this stylish bathroom a warm ambience and a modern look.

5. Use large tiles

In this smart design, the space below the sink has been used effectively to add storage. Modest fixtures and fittings on large tiles in neutral colours give an elegant vibe to a small bathroom and make the area appear even larger than it is. The tiles extend from the walls to the floor for a better impact.

6. Slim fit sanitaryware

Choose sleek sanitary fittings and accessories instead of large and cumbersome devices, as the former is practical for small bathing areas. Indian homes are adopting the Scandinavian style of interior decoration nowadays, and it is a wise choice, considering the shrinking home sizes and tiny bathrooms. Wall-mounted water closets and basins, built-in flush tanks and other fixtures and fittings can make a world of difference in the functionality and aesthetics of small bathrooms.

For some more inspiration, get ideas from these small bathroom designs.

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