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A garden for each zodiac sign!

Leigh Leigh
COASTAL GARDEN Classic style garden by Roger Webster Garden Design Classic
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Astrology – a fascinating science that gives people insight into their personality, likes and dislikes. 

Is it true that certain properties are attributed to the Zodiac? And will this influence our home and furnishing style? Having already looked at the relationship between the signs and interior decor (have a look at this ideabook on the best bedroom according to your star sign), we are now going to look at how landscaping can be affected.

Comfortable, harmonious, crazy or very classic? What does your Zodiac sign say about your preferences in the garden? Today we will give you insight and show you how easily you can turn your garden into your own personal paradise.

Aries (21.03. – 20.04)

Aries individuals are distinguished by their enthusiasm for life. They are also very creative people who like to experience life and want to leave a mark on this world. Our dear Aries like to tinker with what they have as well as create new things and spaces. The way these individuals approach the unknown is fascinating and exciting and can be translated beautifully into their gardens.

Aries tend to give their gardens a certain something. They achieve this mostly by using colourful and very showy flowers. They especially love dahlias and lilies, but they also decorate their garden with other popular flowering plants such as geraniums.

Aries people love cheerful design ideas as well as adventure and that's what can be found in their gardens often. This design is Italian Renaissance meets bold colours and huge flowers – typical Aries!

Taurus (21.04. – 20.05)

Bulls build their lives on stability and security. They never commit themselves immediately and they always weigh their options up carefully before making a final decision. It is therefore hardly surprising that their garden planning takes a little bit longer than most. 

But this isn't a bad thing at all, because if a bull has decided on a particular project, then he or she will fight fervently for it. For the bulls, their flowers often consist of indigenous flowerbeds that radiate tranquility. The right colour for them is pink, which is why different coloured roses are the perfect choice when it comes to creating harmony in the garden of a Taurus-born.

Gemini (21.05 – 21:06)

People who are born under the sign of Gemini are communicative and quickly conquer the hearts of those around them. Due to their incredibly open nature, they create close friends quickly. They are flexible and eager to learn. Curiosity and exercise are the key words that describe the Twins. In their gardens, they often opt for fragrant flowers, such as lavender, Japanese azaleas or daisies.

Flowers are incredibly important for the Twins, but so are trendy design elements in the garden. They want to delight their families and friends. Thus a splendid contrast arises, with cheerful and bright colours that stand out clearly from the earthy tones of the surrounding countryside. Twins especially like to make domestic terraces that transform into the perfect meeting place for friends and family. They love to relax here!

Are you a Gemini? Have a look through the homify garden products for trendy design elements for your garden.

Cancer (22:06 – 22:07)

People who are born in between late June and late July fall under the Cancer star sign. They are characterised by their calm and understanding manner. Cancers are very caring and attach great importance to emotions. They are also very compassionate. 

Many contemporary Cancer individuals seem a little melancholic, but they are simply withdrawing into their own world from time to time to regain strength, like a crab.

Sensitive Cancers love nature and frequently prefer white roses, jasmine and other plants. Love, romance and serenity radiate in this garden. 

When choosing the plants, it is very important for the crab that they feel just right. He or she will study the properties of the soil, climate and the instructions very carefully before planting any seeds in this garden.

Leo ( 23:07 – 23:08)

The lion is considered the king of the forest and is extremely happy to be at the centre. He loves the attention of his fellow human beings and is also distinguished by his leadership skills, confidence and self-assurance. The lion loves to be praised and admired and that's why he attaches great importance to a perfectly manicured garden, which really stands out with its exceptional green and flowering plants. 

Typical plants in the Leo's garden are brightly coloured flowers or bushes, such as yellow lilies or sunflowers. This well-tended garden, by Carla Wilhelm for example, includes sections of perfectly mixed plants that are both classic and practical.

The garden of a lion is a cozy and convenient place for meeting with family and friends.

Virgo ( 24.08 – 23:09)

Virgo individuals are above all excellently organised, gentle and hardworking. They have big aspirations and like everything to be in perfect order, attaching great importance to careful work. The well-being of their fellow human beings is very important to them.

Young, female Virgos can be very self-critical.

All of these features make the Virgo individual's garden a very impressive creation. With meticulous attention to detail, they bring wild flowers with classic roses together in harmony and transform their garden so that it is easily an eye-catcher for the whole neighbourhood.

In a Virgo's garden, loving decorative elements are not missing from this space. These are based on the simple and straight lines of flower beds, transforming every green spot into a little treasure.

Libra ( 24.09 – 23.10)

They are diplomatic, very romantic and refined and thus they truly shine not only in the way that they live but also in interior style and their personal landscaping. 

The scales place great emphasis on order and harmony, so it takes a bit of time for them to develop the perfect plan for their home garden. It is guaranteed that once the planning is complete, the results will truly impress!

For the Libra, there is no better retreat than into their own garden. It is like the extension of a living room! It must be intimate as well as practical, with beautifully designed corners. The Scales opt for comfortable seating, flowers in many different shades and a very romantic place for magic moments.

Have a look through these best garden privacy options.

Scorpio (24.10 – 22:11)

The Scorpion is often said to be very jealous and vindictive when strangers approach their personal property, This is a misinterpretation that we want to put right, because the passionate Scorpios are very proud of their possessions and are passionate fighters, because they are not afraid of losing.  

Their nature means that they put a lot of importance on a very private garden, which is protected from the eyes of neighbours. They want to be able to enjoy their garden to the fullest.

In the Scorpio's garden, you will find a variety of flowers with thorns, such as the rose or the Aralia. Scorpios also like to pick a theme or trend and thread it through the garden. This is why you will find a very impressive garden that features classic extravagance and innovation in the home of a Scorpio.

Sagittarius (23:11 – 21:12)

The Sagittarius individuals are very protective over their loved ones and crave love and companionship, which is why they  create places where they can meet their family and friends at any time of the day. In addition, these individuals are very optimistic and adaptable. They usually act very intuitively and are adventurous, constantly doing exciting things. 

You will find tulips and hydrangeas in the garden of a Sagittarius born – varieties that are best suited for imaginative, free thinkers.

In addition, they take great care in presenting their garden appropriately. If you are going to visit a Sagittarius, you can be sure that they will prepare the garden before you arrive so that it looks perfect!

Capricorn ( 22:12 – 20:01)

Modern Garden by Terra Modern

Ambitious and determined – these are the key characteristics of a Capricorn. 

Furthermore, Capricorns are very quiet people who tend to hide their true feelings behind a facade. They are very rational and can take some time to open up to new people, new ideas or unfamiliar environments. 

For Capricorns, the best fit are mysterious flowers like violets, orchids or tiger lilies. In the picture, a design by Terra, we can see how ambitious Capricorns can be when it comes to the design of their gardens. 

The English garden has a natural look , where different zones are highlighted by different plants, textures and colours. The stones loosen up the stringently ordered flowers beds on the sides – a very typical Capricorn design.

Aquarius ( 21:01 – 19:02)

The Aquarius born individual is independent and sociable and also loves to look into the future. This is why the Aquarius in your family or friends is always well informed with the latest news, the latest gossip or trends. It's because of this that their gardens always feature top styles and the latest design ideas. 

Water is the Aquarius' element and therefore can be found in the garden of the Aquarius, along with lilies. These can be in the form of ponds or water features and can create exceptional atmosphere in every season.

The Aquarius individual likes to withdraw into his personal paradise at the end of a very sunny day. A highlight for many of them is an onsite conservatory, where they can enjoy the sun in any season.

Pisces (20:02 -.20:03)

Pisces are dreamy, sensitive and very romantic. They are always ready to help people in their environment and by being empathetic, they become best friends, lovers and confidants very quickly. 

They can live in a fantasy world that is disturbed from time to time by the influences of the everyday world. Their favourite flowers are tulips and white lilies that provide a magical atmosphere in their garden.

If the Pisces individual does not have enough space in their garden for many flowering plants, they will make the most of walking in parks. They enjoy being outside not only in spring and summer, but also in the colder seasons.

As you can see, there are numerous central characteristics that can be attributed to the different signs. 

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