Elegant and space-saving modular kitchen design for modern homes

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To align with the modern lifestyle, modular kitchens have become an indispensable part of every home. Their well-organised and systematic designs make proper use of the limited available space and perfectly complement the classy interiors of contemporary homes. The perfect example can be seen here in the parallel kitchen design presented by the interior designers and decorators from Lakkad Works, New Delhi. The user-friendly cabinets, soothing colour scheme and high-end accessories incorporated in this design can effortlessly turn any basic kitchen into a highly functional paradise. Most importantly, the handleless construction of the cabinets does not restrict movement in the kitchen and offers maximum ease.

Classy parallel kitchen design

To do away with space constraints, the kitchen has been given a galley-style layout. This design is ideal for small families as it uses walls on both sides to construct cabinets and shelves for storage besides space for installing high-end amenities. While one side of the kitchen has the hob and sink positioned next to each other, the other end has the refrigerator, microwave and a counter for plating, creating an organised, functional and uncluttered setting.

Neutral colour scheme

From the walls to the cabinets, the entire space is covered in neutral and earthy colours that create an illusion of amplitude. However, bright yellow on some of the edges uplifts the mood and adds a pop of colour in the neutral colour palette. The textured and printed backsplash on both the sides infuses beautiful textures in the otherwise monochromatic setting. 

Sleek and maintenance-free cabinets

The sleek built-in cabinets have been designed cleverly, leaving ample floor space for people to move around comfortably. Also, the flawless acrylic, handleless shutters and quartz countertop are easy to clean and maintain. The combination of open shelves and cabinets assist in the better placement of the containers, whereas the smooth and soft movement of the drawers makes the work in the kitchen effortless.

Smartly positioned lighting solutions

Properly positioned lights play an essential role in offering functionality in the kitchen and setting the right ambience for everyday cooking. While plenty of natural light is welcomed through the glass doors, the LEDs placed under the cabinets help increase visibility over the countertop. The maximum use of LEDs in this space is beneficial for economic reasons and results in the optimal utilisation of the limited resources.

Well-planned kitchen fixtures

Despite the compact size, the kitchen holds ample storage capacity. The refrigerator placed next to the prep counter breaks the monotony created by the cabinets and adds efficiency in the whole space. Additionally, the countertop has been paired with small plants and various other elements that enhance its appeal. Sockets have been installed near the counter to make everyday food preparation easy. Furthermore, the basket installed under the counter is a must-have in Indian kitchens as it allows quick storage and access to vegetables. 

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