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The Unique Wooden Wonder

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French architects A. Typique Patrice Bideau are all about taking conventional homes and giving them a little twist. Their projects are as unique as they are trendy, where they commonly use wood in their designs but add a certain flair.

Today's home is of no exception. It is a wooden house, characteristic of the architect's style, with rounded edges and an eclectic yet traditional style. We are incredibly excited to show you the ins and outs of this home today, where we can witness for ourselves just how unique a wooden home can be. 

Let's go and explore!

An abundance of wood

Our first view of the home shows us how committed the architects have been to using wood through the exterior. Wooden slats make up the entire exterior facade, which are separated only by windows and doors.

The right side of the home features a curved roof, while the left side takes on a more traditional, triangle shape. The left side also features skylights, which are a wonderful addition to a home, especially if it's a dark roof that may create a very dark interior. 

The shape of this home is not one that you see very often, but don't you just love it? It's eclectic, modern and packs a punch. 

Functional Features

If we move around to this side of the home, we can see that the architects have included a garage on the side of the home. A garage is a great addition to the family home as it neatens up the exterior look and feel. You can store just about everything and anything in a garage, close the door and it's sealed from view, maintaining a perfect exterior.

Remember that the outside of your home is the first impression that people will have of your home. You want it look flawless. This means that you may also need to invest in a good gardener or landscaper. Make sure that your lawn, plants and flower beds are areas of the home that you are proud of. 

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Fireplace Must

If we go inside the home, we can see that wood remains a prominent material. The home features light wooden floors throughout. 

The designers have also included a sand-coloured stone facade on a section of the wall, which create a very earthy and warm ambiance in this section of the home. This works wonderfully with the large and trendy fireplace that has been installed in this room. Fireplaces not only add a trendy decor touch to a space, but they are very functional too – providing warmth throughout the cold months.

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Open Plan Home

If we take a step back, we can see how the living room merges into the dining room in a wonderful and modern open plan design. Open plan is a great design as it makes the home look much more spacious and allows for the family to engage no matter where they are in the house.

The dining room furniture is very simple – a wooden table and two wooden benches. This is very minimalist and functional. Remember that you can always add a rug to a space like this or put some art on the walls if you want to add a bit of your personality, warmth and style to it. 

The large glass windows and doors make this home very light and allows for panoramic views of the surrounds. This feature also provides natural insulation, meaning that you save a ton of money on your electricity bill. 

Quaint kitchen

The kitchen also features the beautiful light wood that we've seen in the rest of the house, with light wooden cabinets and cupboards, which work in harmony with the tiled floors and white walls. 

You'll notice that the kitchen is very minimalist, with the counter tops bare except for the absolute necessities. You want your kitchen to look sleek and neat at all times, so be sure to invest in good storage space. This way you can keep cutlery, crockery and condiments out of sight.

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Don't you love the little window that looks like the portal in a ship?

Little Loft

We end off our tour in the loft area of this home – a place where we'd all love to have a bedroom or office space.

The loft also features the light wood as well as plenty of windows, opening this space up. This is very important as you don't want your loft to look like a dark and dingy attic. Include plenty of windows and skylights and have some fun with them! See how the designers have created a window in the shape of something that looks like it comes out of our old geometry homework?

Your loft also needs to feature railings, like in this design. You don't want anyone falling off the edge accidentally.

This is a home that brings a quirky touch to the traditional home.

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