5 Modern Luxury Bedroom Interior Designs to Inspire You

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Regardless of its décor, a luxury bedroom should not only exude elegance, but should also provide a relaxing and inviting ambience. As it is the place where you intend to relax after a long day, and hence, it needs to be extremely comfortable. The interior design of your bedroom plays an important role in generating the kind of ambience you desire. Here, the interior designers and decorators from Algedra, Dubai, have presented 5 modern luxury bedroom interior designs that provide the best possible layout, without compromising the stylish aesthetics in any manner. Each bedroom design blends a unique set of colours, textures and furniture pieces to equip you with the most suitable option for your home.

Classy and chic

Combining pastel pink, white and few hints of green, this bedroom features a fresh floral touch. The wall behind the bed beautifully combines the three colours, while making sure that each one of them creates a powerful impact. The textures on the bedhead and wall cladding have been aligned well with those present on the false ceiling to create a uniformity in the design. Besides the bed, the room also incorporates a plush pink couch to provide an additional seating space and to add to the overall fine décor of the room.

Charming in earthy tones

With an appealing earthy colour scheme and subtle textures, this bedroom looks absolutely stunning. The laminate cladding on the wall behind the bed extends to the ceiling and becomes the central point of focus. The centrally positioned bed leaves ample space for you to freely move around, while easily accommodating side tables, a large couch, a plush bench, and most importantly, a well-designed dressing area. Also, the metallic lighting fixtures, large mirror and artistic paintings help refine the strong character of the room.

Another marvellous creation

Painted dominantly in white and minimally decorated, this bedroom produces a soothing ambience. What actually makes this design to offer a royal and regal feel is the use of metallic golden accents. As from the exquisite chandelier to the trims of the wall behind the bed and other decoration accessories, this metallic hint effortlessly escalates the beauty of this bedroom. Moreover, the marbled floor adds to the well-furnished appeal, whereas the floor-length mirrors create the illusion of a larger space.

An architectural marvel

The element of architectural geometry used in designing this room is what truly makes it a masterpiece. Not only the structure of the room resembles the geometric figures, but the designers have also carried the same theme through the lighting fixtures, accent wall and the furniture as well. A lot of attention has been given to the colour palette of the room to create a homogenous design. As the deep green colour of the bed throw matches the colour of the couch, whereas the orangish-brown of the pillows aligns perfectly with the colour of the bench.

The classic grey and white bedroom

The classic combination of grey and white can offer the much-needed edge to an otherwise sober master bedroom. The captivating design of the wall behind the bed offers the required textural depth, whereas the soft velvet covering the bed head and the couch helps maintain a luxe feel in the room. The metallic golden accents infused through the ceiling, lighting fixtures and other décor pieces, enhance the extraordinary finish of the room.

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