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A fairy-tale home with class

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Fusion Design Eclectic style bedroom
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Most of us have been exposed to the beauty of neoclassical-style interiors through American cinema. These homes are commonly used to promote a cinematic image of prosperity, comfort and family life.

Often characterised by classic wood panelling, these abodes are also marked by English and French colonial influences. But while traditional wooden European houses were dark, the American style is brighter, lighter and the homes are far larger.

Today, we will explore a home that really epitomises the best of this style. It comes to us courtesy of Russian interior architects Fusion Design and has all the dreamy comfort and earthy beauty you might expect. Come with us on a photo tour to learn more…

Traditional exterior

The two-level home has a traditional exterior with a peaked roof. The stone pathway establishes a strong, solid base colour that extends to the two-toned beige exterior of the main building. The traditional look and surrounding greenery gives the home an almost old-style European fairy-tale feel.

Monochrome colour palette

The interiors are awash with a soft, grey colour palette. The floors are made from walnut and the gentle variations in tone add a strong, earthy feel to the interiors. The main living areas are arranged in an open-plan layout, and we have the kitchen behind us, the dining area to our left and a sitting room directly in front. Also, note the entranceway on our right. There we have classic wooden panelling that extends halfway up the wall.

American neoclassical sitting room

The sitting room has a French colonial-style wooden ceiling feature with crossed wooden beams. The room is appropriately furnished with classic sofas and heavy wooden furniture. The soft grey colour palette is executed in light shades and the curtains have been installed to reach beyond the window line and increase the height of the room. This all creates a classic sitting room with a bright, breezy and contemporary feel.

Cool grey dining room

The cool grey dining room has a strict monochrome colour palette and is partially surrounded by sheer white curtains. Both these elements add a light and calming feel to the space. The dining table is also orientated towards the window and this space has a very private, separate feel from the rest of the room. Finally, the ornate ceiling light adds a sense of occasion to the space.

Elegant country-style kitchen

The kitchen has a great walnut kitchen island with seating for three. The lovely ceiling feature we saw earlier is also present. This is a large, family-style kitchen and there is lots of preparation area and lots of room for engagement with the entire family. We particularly love the grey and white heritage floor tiles here.

Soft master bedroom

The master bedroom is a soothing sight. The soft grey palette has shifted somewhat to include a series of pastel blues and pinks. These are all softened by the copious patterns in the floral feature wall and floral bedspread. The designs are very small, traditional and the effect is comforting. This homely feel is accentuated by the variety of warm wooden finishes in use here. But our favourite element here is the French colonial furniture.

Subdued luxury in the bathroom

The bathroom has some more edgy tiling on the floor. Subdued beige tiles on the walls and bathtub offset the pizzazz at little. As with the rest of the home, there are some traditional elements here. There is a wooden old-style bathroom cabinet on our left. But the bathroom has a predominantly modern feel and the accessories are simple, luxurious and catered towards modern tastes.

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