9 fabulous courtyards worth stepping outside for

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Ah, the beauty of a courtyard; that unique little space somewhere between a lush garden and a stylish patio. It presents so many possibilities: we can grow our own veggie/flower garden; we can entertain the friends with a barbeque; or we can just pull up a comfy lounger and enjoy watching dusk approach while savouring a full-bodied wine. 

But that is just our imaginations running away with us when thinking about courtyards – what do you picture yourself doing? And more importantly, what do you imagine the space to look like?

To get your creativity going, find herewith 9 fabulous courtyards, each as unique and wonderful as the next, but all of them outstanding in offering a special mix of relaxation and charm.

1. The exterior living room

When the weather allows for it, why not opt for some stylish seating al fresco style? This courtyard certainly knows how to pack a chic punch, with a seating area (coffee table included) that is both elegant and rustic. 

Don’t overlook the addition of lush, fresh plants that add some welcome greenery to this outdoor relaxation spot.

2. Cheerful colours

Moroccan style garden Gullaksen Architects Mediterranean style garden
Gullaksen Architects

Moroccan style garden

Gullaksen Architects

Don’t get us wrong: neutrals are great, but nothing beats a dose of friendly colour. This courtyard took a very daring move by opting for that shocking pink tone – and it paid off beautifully. 

Plush pillows for seating, a colourful rug, fresh plants, and more than adequate space for the friends to have a sit-down with you and catch up on the latest gossip.

3. For some “you” time

​Back garden at Bedford Gardens House. Nash Baker Architects Ltd Modern Garden
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

​Back garden at Bedford Gardens House.

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

Yes, we know this courtyard presents sufficient seating space, but that doesn’t mean it all has to be filled up. Take some well-deserved time off for yourself and move your cup of tea and book (or art easel, iPad, or whatever hobby you choose) to this relaxing oasis. Nothing beats some warm sunshine and a bit of solitary daydreaming.

4. Find your Zen

Meditating has never looked this good. Align your chakras and practise your ommmm in this tranquil zone. The fresh assortment of plants and garden décor are fantastic to make you forget about the surrounding cityscape. 

And should some unexpected drizzling occur, simply move yourself and your positive thinking inside while enjoying the relaxing sound of the courtyard soaking up that rain.

5. A delicate ambience

We know the importance of quality time with your loved one, which is why we've included this option. Trees, plants, and flowers ensure a charming embrace of nature, removing you worlds away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

And that garden lighting conjures up a stunning ambience for a romantic evening, with dinner for two on the patio dining set, followed by some romantic stargazing while sharing a bottle of Merlot.

6. Splish splash

If you have the space, then why not? We are, of course, talking about a swimming pool. This courtyard is most fortunate, as it has enough legroom for a stylish pool, plus leftover room for a few relaxing loungers. 

And the surrounding touches of cream stone walls and tropical plants don’t hurt either! 

Be sure to take a look at these homify-approved: Poolside Accessories.

7. The brunch corner

Rear Garden homify Modern terrace

Rear Garden


Who wants to take on the busy city on a weekend morning just to get fed? Rather opt for a homemade brunch in this quaint little setting.

Timber takes centre stage by adorning not only the surrounding wall for a bit of privacy, but also the furniture. And a delicate portion of green grass and some planted foliage take care of the freshness factor. Now all we need is a hearty morning meal and even heartier beverage (mimosas, anyone?).

8. The al fresco dining spot

A London Roof Garden Bowles & Wyer Modern terrace
Bowles & Wyer

A London Roof Garden

Bowles & Wyer

Treat the friends to a bit of wining and dining with this beauty of a courtyard, brought to us by the professional team of Bowles & Wyer. This exterior spot ensures that more than enough seating options are available, and that the dining spot is only a few steps away. 

And since everything here, from the colour palette and décor to the furniture choices and plants, is so exquisite, there is no need to venture indoors at all (except maybe for the occasional loo break, of course).

9. What about a pergola?

No need to bring in sunburn to ruin your outdoor entertaining. This stylish pergola is the main star of this outdoor gathering spot, safely sheltering us and our guests from those UV rays. 

And once dusk settles in and the exterior lights come on, it’s an under-the-moonlight fiesta in this delightful courtyard!

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