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Before and after: 5 Pools Transformed!

Leigh Leigh
by Vicente Galve Studio Mediterranean
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We adapt our homes depending on the temperature and climates of the cities that we live in.

As the temperature increases and summer approaches, we'd all like our homes to feature a swimming pool where we can relax or cool down! This can be a large swimming pool, a small swimming pool or even a Jacuzzi – no matter what you go for, it will add huge value to your garden.

A pool is a wonderful feature – great for refreshing as well as for outdoor activities. They also enable you to truly enjoy the warm months.

Today at homify, we are going to explore some swimming pools that were built a long time ago so they look a bit tatty and run down. Each of them were urgently in need of refurbishment. We will witness how our expert professionals have created wonderful oasis's of tranquility, relaxation and fun out of what were once ruins.

What seemed impossible has become a reality!

Are you curious? Well then read on!

1 . Before: Dark and dirty

The first project that we visit is a garden in a large home in Spain. However, instead of pleasant surrounds and places for fun and relaxation, we are greeted with an abandoned, dark and dirty pool, which didn't receive any maintenance or care for a long time.

Dirt covers the entire swimming pool, while the weather did the rest of the damage. Finally the pool was not only dirty but also cracked and worn.

A lot of effort was needed here to transform this place into a zone of comfort for both residents and visitors – but nothing is impossible!

After: Spotless and welcoming

After the renovation, the pool is unrecognisable!

The clean and tidy pool is surrounded by artificial Astro Turf, which has replaced the old and cracked tiles. This solution brings a lot of comfort to the users of the new recreational area.

The sloppy surrounds have been revamped with elements of nature introduced. The white stones also add a bit of texture and modern design to the space.

The fence and decorative elements have also been renewed, where two neat trees have been added to the space to add an atmosphere of tranquility and nature.

The pool itself was not only cleaned, but completely renovated. Among other features, we can see a brand new ladder has been added to the pool. 

The result is amazing and proves that you don't need a big budget for a huge change. With good planning and some creative ideas, anything is achievable.

2. Before: Neglected

Our second project is also located in Spain. This large house was built in 1970 and holds so much potential and yet we can see that the pool has been neglected for many years.

The pool rises up off the patio, with external walls that are lined with stone.

The garden features many beautiful trees and palms, making this space feel tropical and exotic.

The main problem here is simply a lack of maintenance and upkeep, which means that there isn't too much work for the experts to do. Yet, the results are very impressive!

After: Perfect for the whole summer!

After the renovation, the pool and its surrounds are clean, bright and colourful. The whole look and feel offers a sense of freshness and purity.

The biggest changes were made on the terrace, which has now been paved with stone. A steep, gable roof has been installed to protect it against wind and rain. If you like the idea of a roof for your terrace, check out these: 10 stylish ways to catch some shade.

A complete renovation was also made to the garden. The broken cement was replaced with tiny, bright tiles. Flower beds and areas of the garden have been separated from each other by Mediterranean stone walls. The same walls have been used along the perimetre of the home as well, separating it from the street.

Don't you love how the garden features so many exotic trees and flowers? You can certainly call this space an oasis of relaxation!

The swimming pool has undergone a significant metamorphosis. It was expanded as well as lowered into the surface of the ground. There is now no need to climb stairs to enter the pool!

3. Before: Small garden with a swimming pool

In this example, we will see the most dramatic transformation. 

The original image shows a small and somewhat dull outside area with no pool or space to relax and yet the property deserves so much more!

Even though the flowers and green areas here are well-maintained and in good condition, there is still a lot to be done – like the installation of a beautiful and private swimming pool!

After: A splash of water

After the transformation, we have discovered what a true treat this garden is.

The small shed in the corner of the garden has been removed to make room for this great pool, which is at least five by three metres! This is a very functional addition to the garden. Here the children can play games and take part in activities, while there is space for braai's and sunbathing.

Everything has been taken into account so that it fits perfectly into this small area. The swimming pool is topped with a stone wall and a flower bed, which adds a gorgeous, natural touch to the space.

Enjoy a good braai? Have a look at this ideabook: It's braai season so design your perfect BBQ area!

4. Before: Dirty and neglected

This picture that we see is not very encouraging! The terrace is dirty, dark and run down, the swimming pool is empty and the space in general doesn't look like a recreational zone. 

Don't you think the whole area looks very drab and monotonous? This place is definitely not suitable for hours of relaxation.

In addition, the area is very small and seems to be cramped and crowded. This is why the metamorphosis will be even more impressive, thanks to the creativity and expertise of our professionals!

After: Zen and the colour white

If we want to bounce light off a space and emanate a fresh look and feel, no colour will work better than white!

This picture proves how a space can be visually changed thanks to the use of white.

This space previously looked like a small and cluttered garden and now it appears to be an open and radiant oasis of relaxation. All of the useless objects that were cluttering the corners have been removed, creating a zone for sunbathing.

The fence, floor boards and sunbeds come together in perfect harmony, with everything made from white, lacquered wooden slats.

The approach to the swimming pool was to cover the stairs in the same white wooden slats, facilitating access to the pool. The terrace has been completely reorganised as well. The designers even found a place for the braai, which we can see in the corner of the photo.

There are also a few white chairs and a wooden bench where people can relax. This is an ideal terrace – a place for sunbathing, braai's and swimming. What more could you want?

Have a look through the homify swimming pool products for inspiration for your own home.

5. Before and after: from traditional to modern!

In this recent project, we would like to present you with two photographs where you can directly compare the before and after. This is an unbelievable transformation!

The designers have worked with the original structure, but have ensured that they renewed it and adopted a more modern look and feel.

In its original condition, the pool was quite attractive, although it was decorated in a very traditional and somewhat old-fashioned style.

As part of a large villa in Spain, part of the patio was covered. On the terrace there were some plants trees. However, our experts in architecture decided on a complete metamorphosis.

The result is a pure and simple swimming pool on the terrace, which retains elements of the traditional Spanish architecture. Thus it combines tradition with modernity.

The surrounds of the pool are now covered in wooden planks of a very natural colour. We also find new swimming pool furniture!

The designers have incorporated a braai, providing an entertainment tool for a wonderful evening or afternoon with friends and family.

The pool has also thoroughly been cleaned out and equipped with a ladder for safe entering and exiting of the pool.

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