10 garden updates that shine in any season

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Updating the garden in spring is a yearly tradition that we all enjoy. There's nothing like heading out to the yard on a warm afternoon to lounge in your new patio furniture.  However, it can be hard to keep in mind that your outdoor space is with you all year. You can end up with an impractical design if you only take into account the lush green of spring and summer. Don't worry,  here are a few versatile garden features from homify that you can add in spring or summer but that transition to the colder seasons. There's even some great all-season patio shelters and furniture that will help you stay in your outdoor space all year long. 

Garden Structure For Every Season

Terraced Courtyard Garden Design homify Garden Accessories & decoration

Terraced Courtyard Garden Design


This gorgeous terrace provides an Asian-inspired backdrop to lovely spring blossoms. Long after the plants have faded the terrace provides support for some all-season decorative elements, like the elegant water fountain. Fences not only make your garden a more private space but can be a feature of focus themselves. Check out this ideabook to get your started: Garden fences with a twist.

Bird houses can be year-round beauties

Birdhouses are a staple of the spring garden update. This cosy abode is perfect for any visitors your garden will attract in the warm months. Plus, it's clean and bright design will have appeal all winter when your outdoor space is in need of some colour.

Natural garden lamps last all year

Cracked Log Lamps Duncan Meerding Garden Lighting
Duncan Meerding

Cracked Log Lamps

Duncan Meerding

These cracked log lamps are a sturdy alternative to typical pathway lighting. Their charming glow looks as lovely now as it will in the dead of winter. Any kind of nature-inspired garden lamp will acheive the same effect.  

Textured fountains are perennial

The secret to installing an all-season water feature is playing with textures. The remarkable bubbled backdrop on this fountain will draw the eye even when the water has frozen over. Of course, you could splurge and install a heater to keep the water flowing year-round.

Unique garden pots don't need plants

Invest in garden pots and vases that are bright and uniquely shaped, they'll stand out in drab weather even without lush green foliage toppling out of them. These geometric pots are made of polystone, making them lightweight and easy to re-arrange at will to fill up empty spots where plants once stood.

Modern pavilions provide shelter

Pavilions are the height of outdoor enjoyment. When it's hot, you may be tempted to install one without a roof so that you can soak up the sun. But that kind of design won't work all year.This modern dining area is a great alternative. The slatted walls allow for cool summer breezes while the full roof provides the shelter that will extend your barbecue season. Not sure where to place this pavilion? There are plenty of landscape architects ready to help. 

Tropical can transition to winter too

Don't shy away from a tropical theme if that's your heart's desire. Plenty of quintessentially tropical elements can look good in all kinds of weather. This deep brown fence is a great example. The colour will make for great contrast in winter after much of the visual interest in your garden, provided by plants, is gone. And as for right now, the smooth and rough texture also makes for some stellar contrast in your spring garden!

No-fabric seating can be adorable

It can be frustrating to move all of your patio furniture inside for the year. Consider this weather-proof option instead, an adorable teacup seat that makes a big statement. White is a clean color choice for both the spring and the fall, but you might want to go for a splash of colour if you live in part of Canada that gets buried in snow come winter. 

Versatile driftwood furniture

Driftwood Garden set Julia's Driftwood Garden Furniture
Julia's Driftwood

Driftwood Garden set

Julia's Driftwood

Perhaps, the teacup isn't for you. What if you want to keep a rustic style but you still don't want to worry about rushing out to save furniture in poor weather? Try adding some driftwood to your deck. There's no fabric to worry about in the rain and the bare battered wood looks right at home in winter. If driftwood isn't for you either, don't worry, there are plenty of options for a rustic look that you can check out here

Weatherproof children's shelters

Bayberry Playhouse In French Alps Selwood Products Ltd Garden Swings & play sets
Selwood Products Ltd

Bayberry Playhouse In French Alps

Selwood Products Ltd

Don't forget that the children will also want to make the most of your outdoor space. This sheltered playhouse can host your children's play even when there's a chill in the air. Yes, it would look appealing in the snowy French Alps, but the deep green accents will also compliment your garden in spring, summer or fall. 

Which of these garden updates is best for your outdoor space? Lets us know below!

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