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Canada's been getting a lot of attention in the past year. We're the top travel destination for 2017 and the purported destination of refuge for a few disappointed (and famous) Americans.

Embracing your inner Canadian – no matter where home is for you – is about not taking yourself too seriously and adding a bit of fun to your decor. Forget about the cliches of igloos, parkas and ice skates. We're finding inspiration in nature, and, of course, that red maple leaf.

Open the door to red

From the maple leaf that graces Canada's flag to the crimson leaves that splash across our country's forests every fall, red is the colour of Canada. Adding a pop of red with paint, fabric or art can increase personality and add interest to your home.

At this chapel turned house by architects Evolution Design, the red door and window frames give a hint of the unique decor that lies inside this special home.

Add energy through colour

Open the door to the chapel and the pops of red continue through art, pillows and even the furniture. It's not overwhelming. Instead, the red is just enough to add energy to the space.

You can embrace these tricks too. Liven up your interiors with a couple of hits of red from art and accessories. To really embrace your Canadian side, consider upholstering one piece of furniture in a bold red fabric. This living room's single red wing chair ups the fun factor in this otherwise neutral space.

Have fun with accessories

Accessories are the best place to have fun with your decor. This eeeh! throw pillow from Samphire Bay may have been inspired by the dialects of Northumberland, Yorkshire, Cumbria and Scotland, but it will sound familiar to us Canadian speakers too.

The widely used exclamation that can convey every emotion is a common interjection in Canadian conversations, and the cheeky cushion will be a talking point in your home.

Go wild… ish

Moose, caribou and deer are some of Canada's most iconic animals – and another way to have fun with your decor.

From chandeliers made out of antlers, to a moose head constructed of wood slices, to an angular metal bookcase that looks like a deer, modern non-taxidermy interpretations of these animals abound.

Just keep in mind your goal is a subtle reference, not a home that looks like a hunting lodge.

Look for natural wood furniture

Wood elements are a must-have to bring warmth and nature to your space. To Canadianize your wood furniture, look for something slightly rustic with a natural finish.

The strong grain in the reclaimed timbers used to make this wardrobe give a subtle nod to the forests that cover much of the Canadian landscape.

Use light wood floors

The lighter tones of maple – Canada's tree – is the perfect antidote to the dark floors that have dominated Canadian homes in recent years. Maple floors add natural warmth to a space. Plus their light finish is much easier to maintain than the dark trend that is falling out of fashion these days.

Bring the outside in

Canadians love being surrounded by nature, and the absolute simplest way to celebrate Canada Day this July 1 is to bring some nature into your house. Cut a couple of small branches off a bush or tree and stick them in a simple vase filled with water. If it's a maple tree, even better.

Embracing Canada through your decor is about personality, nature, colour and fun. Common elements that we all want to have in our homes, no matter our nationality.

What says Canada to you? What Canadian elements have you used in your home?

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