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Orford | A Classic Country Kitchen With coastal Inspiration Davonport Kitchen Wood
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Curtains and blinds can seem straightforward. We've all added them as the last-minute finish to a beautiful room. You get a thick curtain in a neutral colour, you throw it up for privacy or shade, and you never consider it again. But if you've left out plans for the curtains, or haven't made any at all, you're missing an opportunity to highlight the best features of your room. The truth is that curtains are one of the most versatile decorative pieces you can use. Don't believe me? Let homify show you how colour, texture, shape, and length of a curtain can all provide the cohesive quality that your room is missing.  

Stunning Shape

These curtains dramatize the high ceiling of this elegant bedroom and its stunning architectural feature. Not just any curtains would do this work though! Notice the asymmetry of the curtain's gathering, which makes it is thicker and longer at the top. The curtain isn't drawn back tight to the wall, it hangs a little bit, allowing the curtain to make two graceful triangles at the top. Neither does the curtain run down to the floor, it almost looks to short for the window (in the right conditions it's not a faux-pas)! All of these elements keep the emphasis on the top of the window. The curtain draws the eye up, pointing at that gorgeous high ceiling and making the space feel huge. 

Background Curtain Risks

Kitchen Project 2A Design BedroomBeds & headboards Copper/Bronze/Brass Amber/Gold
2A Design

Kitchen Project

2A Design

Curtains can make a big impact without being the focal point. This simple curtain could have been a beige background feature, but the room would have felt so much more bland without that pop of metallic green. Such a shine might have been overpowering if the curtain was more prominent, but with the bed taking up the attention the curtains can afford to be a little risky. 

Floor Length Looks Lovely

When you have a floor-to-ceiling view that you want to show off a full-length curtain is the way to go. Consider a room-length rail too, as it provides movement for shade and for placing that rich purple wherever you want. Also, this curtain has drawn together the gold and purple theme of the room, creating harmony in the design. Besides the gold line also draws the eye to that splendid curve of the windows.  

Jewel Tones For Nature Views

Internal view of traditional Conservatory. Westbury Garden Rooms Classic style conservatory Wood Green
Westbury Garden Rooms

Internal view of traditional Conservatory.

Westbury Garden Rooms

If your window gives a green view like this one consider a green jewel tone. With the light green on the framing and walls the curtains don't overpower the eye. Instead they seem to draw attention to just how green it is outside. It's easy to imagine a similar view of the sky being complimented by a jewel toned blue. You could even dress a cityscape with a jewel purple or red curtain to take advantage of the sunset and make your evening entertaining feel sophisticated.  

Muted Colour Makes for Perfect Lighting

Exploring Luxurious Home : Dining Room in Lush Pistachio Green IONS DESIGN Dining room Wood Green

Exploring Luxurious Home : Dining Room in Lush Pistachio Green


What if you have a gentle pastel room with a lovely view, but that noon sun is overpowering the calming effect? Try sheer curtains in that same pastel shade. Curtains aren't always about keeping light out after all, the fabric you choose can change the quality of the light coming in. In this case, the curtains can give a soft blue tone to the light, which will be great atmosphere for formal dining and for family pictures too!

Quirky Curtains Can Add A Touch Of Country

Orford | A classic country kitchen with coastal inspiration Davonport Kitchen Wood

Orford | A classic country kitchen with coastal inspiration


This modern kitchen also has some country character, due in no small part to the quirky curtains! The gathering at the top has become a rare style and it also provides some interesting shape. The country pattern is full of whimsy and the sheer textures dulls it just enough so that the room still feels bright and modern. This kitchen is a perfect example of how curtains  can be an opportunity to add a secondary pattern or style that you love, but don't want to focus on. This technique also has the potential to provide unifying themes: your curtains can all carry a specific colour or pattern throughout your house. If there isn't enough country for you in this room we have plenty more inspiration here

Layered Curtains Make a Statement

Can't decide between a bold pattern and a pop of colour? Just use both. Doubling curtains is most often done with a sheer curtain beneath a thicker fabric so that you can alter the lighting easily with the sheer while still getting the rich colour. There's no reason you can't use two opaque curtains, though. This open concept living room is just one example of how stunning it can look. Not sure which colours to go with? Ask one of our interior decorators to help. 

Have a unique idea to dress up your windows? Share it with us in the comments.

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