7 fabulous kitchen bars to covet for your home

Leigh Leigh
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No modern home is complete without a fabulous kitchen bar and that's a fact!

Today, whether you live on your own in an apartment or with your whole family in a big house, open plan is the way to go. You want to create space throughout your home, allowing each room to flow onto the next. This allows for more social interactions between you and your guests or you and your family as well as a lighter and brighter home.

When it comes to the kitchen, however, you want it to be slightly separated from the rest of the home while sti. This may seem difficult to achieve, but with a kitchen bar you can achieve that wonderful balance. 

As we explore seven wonderful kitchen bars, which will inspire you for your own home, we will see what an advantage they are!

1. Wooden kitchen bar

Wood is a wonderful material for a kitchen bar because it's warm, earthy and inviting as well as easy to clean and durable.

In this image, we can see how a kitchen bar has been used to extend the kitchen space, providing a table and chairs where the family can enjoy a more informal meal. It's also a great spot to enjoy a glass of wine while the chef is busy in the kitchen. 

Don't you love the perspex see-through bar stools, which contrast so beautifully with the wooden table?

2. Mix up the materials

Your kitchen bar doesn't necessarily have to match the kitchen design, especially if you install it after your kitchen has already been around for some time. As long as it works in harmony with the kitchen design, you can really choose any material or design that you like.

In this example, we can see how the designers have gone for a dark wooden kitchen bar, which runs perpendicular to the granite counter tops and kitchen cupboards. Even though they don't exactly match, they complement each other wonderfully.

3. More is more

If you've got the space, then utilise it! Create a kitchen bar that doubles up as a dining room!

Not only does this allow you the convenience of serving food straight from the kitchen but you don't have to miss out on any juicy gossip or important details while you're serving up the food in the kitchen.

Pair a long kitchen bar with some fabulous kitchen chairs and you're set.

4. Add some colour

Use the kitchen bar to add some color, texture or personality to the kitchen.

You can either install a kitchen bar that features a soft but vibrant colour, like in this design, or you can pair your kitchen bar with brightly colored chairs like we saw in the previous design.

Another option is to go for a full-on bold and colorful kitchen bar, which will truly liven up your kitchen space.

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5. Smart storage

Especially in smaller homes, a kitchen bar can double up as a great place to store extra cutlery, crockery, condiments and kitchen accessories. You can also use it to put some of your favorite bowls or tea cups on display, like in this example where the designers have featured transparent glass doors.

Opt for a kitchen bar with drawers, cabinets, shelves and cupboards so that you can truly make the most of its presence. No need for messy or chaotic counters ever again!

6. Multi-functional

This smart, trendy and modern kitchen bar doubles up as a stove as well as a place for a family to eat their breakfast or mom and dad to enjoy a cup of coffee together.

This is achieved by the double level design, which is clearly defined by the different materials used for the bar area and the stove area.

Tip: Grey and dark wood are always fabulous colors for a kitchen.

7. Make the most of the space

Your kitchen bar should also serve as an extra surface for you where you can prepare food, chop salads or give your guests something to do – like prepare the cheese board! Make the most of this extra space – you don't have to feel crowded or cramped when you cook.

Remember that your kitchen is the heart of the home so it should feel warm and inviting at all times. Decorate your kitchen bar with a vase of flowers or a fresh pot plant.

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