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7 tips for adding seating to bedrooms

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Multi-purpose bedrooms are becoming increasingly popular. No longer are our private quarters just for sleeping, we want to work, read, and watch a flick in them as well. All of these desires require some bedroom seating, which can be a daunting addition to a private space. If you need a work space you'll need to keep in mind different factors than if you're adding a lounge chair or a couch. Then again, what if you need both? Here are homify's best tips for pairing the ideal seating with your bedroom.  

1. Take Advantage of Dividing Factors

If your goal isn't to have a cohesive space, but is instead to have a work area that feels separate from the bedroom, use the floor plan of the room to your advantage. If there's a nook somewhere a work-chair placed there will make the space feel distinct. If there isn't a nook built-in, you can make your own with a bookshelf or even a standing screen. 

2. Tall Windows Work Well With Seating

HOTEL CAL REIET – THE MAIN HOUSE Bloomint design Mediterranean style bedroom Beige
Bloomint design


Bloomint design

Another visual division in a bedroom is the window, or windows. This desk is perfectly placed between the two windows, and in a corner, to make the work space feel separate. Also, one problem with having this much seating in a room is that the space may feel public, like you're expecting a party in there. Tall skinny windows can also work to reestablish an atmosphere of privacy and comfort. For example, these two windows fill up the space in-between the couch, desk, and bed, making the room feel smaller and cosy. The plant in the right corner has the same effect, as would some tall dressers, so you can use this technique even if you don't have the windows. 

3. A Unified Theme

If you're not making a work space, and you're worried about disrupting the flow of your bedroom by adding seating, there are a few tricks to keeping a cohesive feel. One of the best methods is to match the new seating to the bed cover or pillow case, ideally in both colour and texture. This has the effect of pairing the bed and the seat, or making them feel like a set that was always planned to share the same space. This technique can make new seating in a small bedroom feel more comfortable, and less like its crowding the room. Do you need some ideas for the bed itself? Try looking here

4. Benefits of Custom Seating

You can take the stress out of searching for seating that matches your existing blanket or pillow by buying everything that you want to match from the same supplier. One advantage of buying specially made bedroom furniture is that you can request that multiple items utilize the exact same fabric. In this bedroom, the matching pillows and upholstered bench add an adorable pop of personality in an otherwise sophisticated space. That's another added benefit: adding matching seating and pillows can refresh your bedroom's style as well as its function. 

5. Unusual Positioning

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Usually a sitting area in a bedroom will be tucked to either side of the bed, not at it's feet. But this unusual placement is actually very practical if you have your T.V. opposite of your bed. In this versatile bedroom, you could watch a movie from your bed or from your chairs, depending on your mood. Besides, the layout also has the effect of staggering the room's colours from foreground to background. As a result, it looks very unified and bright. 

6. Fun Shapes For Furniture

Maybe you do want your new chair to stand out a little bit? A great way to achieve a novel seat that still looks at home is to get something with a unique shape, but in the neutral tone of the room. This chair has round eye-catching lines but also blends into the white walls and sheets. For some, using that bright yellow or red contrasting colours would have made for an eyesore.

7. Consider New Kinds of Couches

This cozy ottoman is like a backless couch. It has all of the advantages of a soft love seat and it doesn't block your view of the T.V. when you're in the bed. It's no wonder that flat furniture like this is very popular for the spot at the end of the bed, and it just might be what you're looking for. You can find more eclectic bedrooms inspiration here

Is your bedroom more than a place to catch a few ZZZZs? Share a few tips with us. 
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