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6 extraordinary garages to store the car

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The car, these days, is unfortunately like an extension of your body. Not only because most Canadians drive to work but because we can't even park it on weekends! 

Planning a functional space for your car is not that easy. That's why this homify ideabook is all about cars and spaces we park them in. Do you prefer your car to be locked away in a garage or favour a spot outdoors in the shade?

Let's start the tour…

Pergola-type garage

This is possibly the most simple and easiest ways to shelter your car and it looks really pretty too!

In this example, we can see that the garage is almost completely made up of a light timber, which works in harmony with the rest of the exterior design. This classic wooden garage also works with the green areas of the house.

What's more is a pergola is easy to build yourself! Have a look at this ideabook: How to build a pergola: a step-by-step guide.

Garage intimately connected to the interior

These fantastic experts, La Casa G, have resolved the issue of the family garage, making it an active part of the house. In fact the dining room and garage are connected, with an easy flow between the two spaces.

This enclosed space protects the car and is easily accessible for the whole family. The sliding doors can also be closed, if the family don't want to spend the whole night staring at the vehicles.

This is a great option for those who have a car to show off or need space to expand into. Make sure you plan a space like this with an architect, however.

Partially covered concrete garage

The best garages are those that serve the needs of those who use them, but there are some features that are commonly appreciated by all. 

For starters, you want your garage to be resistant to grease stains. You also want a ventilated space that allows for any fumes or smells to be aired away. We also want the garage to be easily accessible from our homes. In short, a good garage depends on the right combination of building materials and design.

In this example, we can see how the semi-covered garage embraces simple lines and adopts concrete as the star material. In addition, the garage is not completely disconnected from the rest of the house.

Convenience is bliss

Garage façade FG ARQUITECTES Modern garage/shed

Garage façade


Automatic garage doors make our lives that much easier! 

In addition to the design, materials and ease of access, the garage can also incorporate certain technologies that make it a very convenient addition to the home. The automatic door is one of them!

Here the garage is not directly connected to the house and rather takes up its own independent space. Stone, wood and concrete are the materials that dominate this modern design. 

But the key to the success in this design is undoubtedly the wood-finished automatic gate! 

Also have a look at these practically stylish garage doors and gates.

Incorporate the latest technology

This extraordinary garage has incorporated the latest technology possible!

Vertical parking is very common in big cities and is a practical way to solve the problem of space. So why not incorporate it into our house? If you have the same space problems, you might as well apply the same solutions.

This system is perfectly suited to any type of space and is very easy to manage. Everything works through a hydraulic system, which allows the cars to rise mechanically, automatically or semi-automatically .

A garage for motorcycles or bicycles

To end off this original ideabook, we are going to look at this garage, which inspire those who prefer motorbikes or bicycles. 

This tiny space is small but functional. It's unfinished wall, display a no nonsense attitude and DIY spirit. 

There is also plenty of space here to store and organize all of the accessories for riding!

Also have a look through the homify garages for design inspiration!

Which garage is your favorite?
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