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Imativa Arquitectos Pool
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Getting in touch with your glamorous side is sometimes akin to displaying a grand scale to begin with. And in this opulent home, the architects at Imativa Arquitectos in Sonora, Mexico, successfully managed to use the canvas of expansiveness to render a defining design scheme that is luxurious and eye-catching. The setting of the house goes perfectly with the globally renowned status of this capital city and its vibrant, thriving culture. Residencia R53 is a cocktail of inspiring designs, interesting materials, contrasting textures, and pops of colours which are lively and soulful! So join us on a tour to find out more.

Sheer Grandeur of the Façade

The façade impresses with an imposing look and feel that is countered by the soft glow of the clever lighting to strike a balance of sorts. The awe inspiring contours and dimensions are clad lavishly with stone, creamy hues and even wood. The pillared and tiered effect has been played well here too.

Larger than Life Look in the Living Room

The living room shows off simple yet larger than life elements like the textured wall and the wooden panels that contrast with the white ceiling. The white sectional holds bright cushions that show off the Mexican love of colour, while a retro-style leather chair adds a bit of flare. A metal art installation to the left creates unique visual interest, balanced by the stylish simplicity of the solid coffee table.

Black, White and Wood in the Kitchen

Glistening black stone stands out in the kitchen, and balances the pristine quality of glossy white and earthiness of wood-inspired laminate. Gleaming chrome appliances also make a mark here as illuminated wooden beams bring in a luxurious vibe from their position on the ceiling. The kitchen island is a sleek delight and is accompanied by high bar stools to help you grab a quick bite or enjoy a refreshing drink.

Luxurious Slumber in the Bedroom

Velvet, silk and faux fur come together to create a luxurious bedroom that enjoys an open plan and a massive glass wall. The panel with beams on the ceiling above and the wall with the patterned wallpaper add a soothing touch. The soft and plush rug lends sheer comfort as you greet each day with the sun streaming in through the lovely glazing.

Saying it with Details

The details in this home are its forté  and offer deeply soothing qualities and colour to the space. The aquarium and the artwork beyond it are testimonies to the well-designed interiors and high design qualities that define this abode.

Sheer Relaxation in the Backyard

The backyard is a sight to behold with stone walls giving the illusion of the jagged edges of hills leading down to sandy beaches. The swimming pool lies nestled between stone and rich wood, while the crisp white modern lines of the house lend a sense of harmony.

This modern home features a number of well balanced, soothing yet intriguing elements that make it a visual treat. Luxury and comfort have both been focused upon while designing this residential paradise. For more inspiration, take another tour - A prefabricated home that promises stylish living.

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