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Dramatic townhouse transformation!

Leigh Leigh
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It always brings us great pleasure at homify, to show you the dramatic transformation of homes. It's so exciting to witness before our very eyes how a space can go from looking decrepit and run down to one of the most sought-after properties in the world!

Today we are going to be exploring Brooklyn in the U.S.A, where expert professionalsBen Herzog Architects, have renovated an old town house that was in need of a breath of fresh air. The result is a trendy, modern and retro space that fits in perfectly with the cosmopolitan neighborhood that it is located in.

Let's take a look…

A little glimpse

Before we get started, we are going to give you a little glimpse of the town house after it's renovation, so you can truly get a sense of how fabulous, chic and modern it is.

In this photograph of the living room, we can see how sophisticated the design is, with its light wooden floors, light grey walls and beige furniture. All of these tones come together in perfect harmony to create the ultimate elegant living space for entertaining guests or relaxing in front of the fireplace.

The classic kitchen

The kitchen is spacious, bright and light – the perfect place for sipping on a cup of tea, cooking a Sunday roast or baking your family a batch of fresh muffins.

The designers have chosen patterned linoleum flooring, which adds a bit of texture and style to the very white kitchen. The cabinets are modern, but with an elegant touch. We love the kitchen island, which offers a lovely central meeting point for the family.

The large glass windows allow an abundance of light to flow into this space – a must for any modern home.

Funky dining room

In the dining room, we start to see some personality and character flow into the design.

For starters, a light wooden dining room table has been paired with bright red dining room chairs. This adds a gorgeous splash of color to the space.

The designers have also installed a chandelier, which brings a touch of extravagance to the room. Remember that dining room lighting is key to a good design – you want to create ambiance!

Have a look at these tips for making your dining room a delicacy.

Cozy bedroom

The bedroom in this little townhouse is stylish and quaint thanks to the beautiful headboard and bed posts. Don't you love the little set of stairs that lead up to the mattress?

The dark black finish contrasts with the wooden floor, beige walls and white cupboards. 

The cupboards are an important feature to note, as you'll see there isn't much clutter in this small bedroom. The designers have utilized the storage space, packing away any extra clothes, shoes or items neatly out of sight. 

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Chic bathroom

The bathroom is a tranquil and peaceful spot, thanks to the white walls, patterned floors and white cabinets. This is how it should be!

Tip: Place a large mirror cabinet above your basin. Not only will the mirror reflect the bathroom back on itself, making it look that much bigger, but the cabinet will provide you with a neat and tidy space to place all of your personal items. Remember that minimalist is best when it comes to bathroom design!

Smart storage

We keep coming back to the point of storage and this is for good reason!

A modern home, especially if it's small, should keep any unnecessary items out of sight so that you can make the most of the floor space available.

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Before: Far less exciting

Now we are going to have a look at some of the before and after photos, so you can really see how impressive these architects are!

In this photograph, we can see that nothing existed before on the roof. It was simply a boring, flat space.

After: An exterior delight

After the renovation, a full on sun deck has appeared on the roof where the residents can enjoy sun downers, evening parties or even a delicious barbeque.

The designers have featured durable terrace furniture on the roof, which means that it will last despite the weather conditions.

Lighting is also key to this space, creating a soft glow in the evening light.

Before: Plain and simple

While there is nothing wrong with the backyard and facade before the renovation, we can see that it is very plain and simple. There is just a white wall, some paving and old-fashioned windows and doors. 

You won't believe the difference that the designers make…

After: Modern materpiece


The designers have remodeled the backyard and facade, creating a very trendy, modern and industrial look and feel. 

Don't you love how the brick contrasts beautifully with the black steel door and window frame? This has such a dramatic effect!

The backyard now features some trees and plants, adding a bit of natural decor and beauty to the urban space!

What do you think of this incredible transformation?
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