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Leigh Leigh
스마트건축사사무소 Modern houses
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There is nothing that we at homify like more than architectural design that is a little bit out of the box, which is exactly what we are bringing you today in the form of a South Korean apartment that will blow you away. 

Designed by architects Smart Architecture, this is a building that capitalizes on geometrical lines and alternating shapes and facade styles. Confronted with a constrained 200㎡corner allotment in Daegu, South Korea, the architects were a little bit more creative in their design approach, in order to maximise the potential of the site for their client while still producing something wonderful.

Apartments can sometimes seem a bit boring and small in comparison to big, beautiful homes with sweeping lawns and Olympic-sized swimming pools. This isn't the case with this design, however. In this ideabook, we are going to see just how stylish and impressive an apartment can be. Let's head to South Korea…

Brilliant shapes

From the get go, we can see that this is no ordinary apartment. Tall and unusually shaped, the apartment features three very distinct facades.

On the lower level, we can see a dark face brick, which features large glass windows and doors. This creates the impression of a very sturdy and solid base.

On the next level, we see a plain white facade, dominated by clean lines and a very sleek look. It contrasts elegantly with the large windows on this floor.

The upper level, however, takes on a whole new look and feel. The entire white facade is mottled with little geometric holes. This gives a very dynamic and textured look to the structure, contrasting with the very clean, simple textures and tones on the lower levels.

Unusual design

If we take a step back from this brilliant apartment building, we can see its true shape. 

The building has been built so that it is very long and narrow, which creates a very striking and dramatic appearance against the skyline. This is further emphasized by the different textures of the facade, which make it stand out.

How gorgeous is the large section of the building on the left side on the upper storey that has been hollowed out?

In this image, we can also see the chic and modern effect the window shutters have, which open up into the space around the facade.

Interior bliss

If we take a sneak peek inside one of the upper storey apartments, we can see that the interior design is just as impressive as the exterior design. 

Large glass windows allow sunlight to filter into the home, bathing it in natural light. Thanks to the geometric facade, however, the sunlight filters in at very interesting and unusual angles. This creates a very whimsical design on the floor! It also keeps the apartment from getting too hot and offers some privacy.

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The designers have gone for a very sleek look in this space, with light wooden floors and white walls. With some carefully selected furniture, the designers have set the scene for a very personal and cozy home!

Strategic lighting

Artificial lighting also plays a big role when it comes to a home like this.

Instead of installing large neon lights on the ceiling, which creates an uncomfortably bright and clinical environment, the designers have opted to put lights in the cornices, which creates a soft glow. This is far better for the ambiance.

Remember that you can also utilize lanterns, candles and lamps – both floor lamps and table lamps – to achieve the same results.

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The rooftop terrace

The roof terrace is one of our favorite parts of this house, offering panoramic views of the entire city. Wouldn't you want to relax up here and sunbathe or even host a small get-together?

The designers have used warm, wooden flooring up here, which looks very inviting thanks to its earthy tones. Properly cured wood is also very durable so it's a great element to use outdoors. 

The black railing works in harmony with the white and brown tones, but is also a very functional design too. You don't want anyone slipping or falling from this space! We also spy a black ladder, which leads up onto another roof terrace section – what a treat!

The only element that this space is missing are a few potted plants or flowers, which would add natural decor to this vacant space. 

This is a great way to utilize a roof space, turn it into another living space. Your apartment can feel so much bigger if you make the most of a roof.

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Star light

We end our tour with a view of the apartment from afar in twilight. We can see how the light coming from within the apartment blocks creates a stunning visual effect thanks to the geometric lines on the upper facade. 

It's also showcases how unusual the shape of this structure is, setting it apart from all other apartment blocks in the area. This is design innovation at its best!

Would you want to live in this stylish apartment block?

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