23 cheap but effective (and stylish) garden fencing ideas

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Your privacy is important to you, but investing too much money into the garden fence doesn't seem like a fun goal, does it?

With this in mind, we started looking for cheap fence ideas for you that are used by landscape architects and gardeners. We have collected all of these garden fence ideas for you in this practical guide. If you want to blur the connection between your garden and your neighbours, but would still like to have a little money left over at the end, you should read on and choose your favourite from our recommendations for cheap fences!

Great ideas for your garden fence

As already mentioned, today we turn to the topic of “garden fences”. We'll show you a few wonderful ways you can give your terrace, garden or even your front garden an attractive setting. Depending on your house and the style of your garden, an architect can give you, in addition to our great ideas, further suggestions on which privacy screen you should choose or how to create one.

1. Woven Bamboo

Woven bamboo combines robust walls with lightness: a bamboo fence provides a beautiful privacy screen.

2. Natural fences

Natural fences with plants create a smooth transition. Natural branches protect prying eyes.

3. Robust garden fences

Reclaimed wood is ideal for fences in the garden. Robust garden fences can be cheaper if you use scrap wood.

4. Freestanding Bamboo

This fence breaks up the gardens of these terraced houses because free-standing bamboo can be cut to any height.

5. Cheap, prefabricated panels

Even inexpensive fences can look great, as this example proves: Cheap, prefabricated panels can be refined with a layer of paint.

6. Shorter, simpler wooden panels

Shorter, simpler wooden panels can be a lot cheaper than extravagant models: This fence still allows light and air into the garden.

7. Stable garden fences

Wooden garden fences create a great atmosphere in the garden. Stable garden fences can also be easily built yourself using pallets.

8. Gabions

Gabions are a great way to build a robust, resistant and beautiful garden fence using high-quality material.

9. Low garden fences

Low garden fences can be a good choice for enclosing your garden.

10. Solid plates

Solid panels can be used to build a completely enclosed, linear garden fence – there are also good deals here.

11. Open mesh fences

Open mesh fences allow you to incorporate climbing plants for natural privacy.

12. Matte woven panels

Matte, woven panels don't make your garden look too cramped.

13. Simply arranged wooden fences

Simply arranged wooden fences exude village charm and don't fall apart.

14. White picket fences

White picket fences are part of every country house dream, but they look good anywhere.

15. Holistic fences

Holistic fences that merge with the garden furniture create an opaque barrier.

16. Provide grid panels

Mesh panels provide a visual barrier to neighbours while still allowing enough light into your garden.

17. Cheap fence

A wooden frame decorated with artificial greenery is considered a modern version of a garden fence that offers good quality and a beautiful look for little money.

18. Chain link fences

Chain link fences are virtually invisible and yet fulfil the most important task: keeping unwanted visitors away!

19. Grid panels

Grid panels look great as an addition to robust walls and guarantee extra privacy – for little money.

20. Extra tall fences

Of course, extra tall fences cost a little more, but if you choose inexpensive wood that you refinish at home, you can save a lot.

21. Extraordinary garden fences

How about unusual garden fences? Plexiglass panels direct from the supplier don't cost much and look great!

22. Marine plywood fences

Marine plywood can be purchased at any craft store, fits in the most unusual places – and isn't overpriced!

23. Stainless steel sheets

Stainless steel sheets are a good buy and simple laser cutting won't cost much if you're a fan of modern garden fencing. What do you say about these cheap garden fence ideas? Get further inspiration from landscape architects and take a look at this article for affordable garden design; How to redesign your garden without spending all your salary.

Additional tip: classic fence

Now we have presented you with some beautiful and practical garden fence ideas. You now know how you can implement the garden privacy screen cheaply if you want. In this context, we have shown you that inexpensive privacy protection for gardens etc. is possible.

If you are less concerned with privacy protection and more interested in visually enhancing your garden and demarcating your property, you will also like this fence. Even those who have dogs or small children can relax more with a fence like this. Whether you buy a bridle or build a fence cheaply, you will be happy with our fence ideas.

The right decoration for the fence

No matter what type of fence you choose, adding a beautiful string of LED lights can improve the design!

What type of fencing idea would you choose for your garden?

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