A Hobbit House for the Modern Homeowner

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Just-In House(져스틴 하우스) Modern terrace
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If we asked you to imagine a hobbit house you might think of a small underground abode that is full of character and natural elements. Now what if we asked you to imagine a modern hobbit house, inspired by minimalism as much as nature? It's hard to picture. These South Korea architects have added that elusive modern element to a fairy-tale house and have succeeded in creating an adorable and contemporary home.  Join us in a tour of this marvel as we explain how these talented architects managed to blend these disparate styles.

Modern Melds with Natural

The house is underground, but the entry way looks like a passage to a modern castle. The layered glass windows are visually interesting and provide lots of sunlight for the underground space. The key to this entrance is the smooth walkway. It's elegant curve and pebbled look fit with the hobbit theme but the flat gray colour is ultra-modern and in keeping with the glass structure. What an incredible pastiche of these two styles!

Enter The Home and Hearth

From this view the entryway looks very modern. Everything is in a dramatic black and white, including the stair railings. Speaking of those, thanks to the artificial hill the house is built into, the stairs have visitors travelling upstairs and underground. What a bold entrance! We also love those stylish lights, and how they seem to climb up the stairs with you. We have plenty more entryway lighting to complete your home here

A View from the Otherside

This is the back of the house. We love the unconventional placement of a balcony. It's right on the top of the house! From up there, you can survey the green surroundings, and the rough stone path to and from the balcony adds to the natural feel. Besides, the green space is excellent for moderating heat, even more so than the benefits of being underground. From that lovely balcony, you could also see some more concrete windows in that same black and white theme. One of the strengths of this house is that it has windows everywhere, which will add much needed natural light to the interior of the house. 

Rounded Wooden Ceilings

It is bright, isn't it? The wood and rounded ceilings really keep the hobbit-house feel. But then those polished white floors are oh-so modern. Right now it may seem a touch plain, but it doesn't seem like the owners have moved in yet in. The black paint on the ceiling does give us some interesting inspiration though, whoever moves in could continue that black and white theme with some really bold furniture. Of course, the new owners might want the help of some of our interior decorators too. 

Keeping it Natural

From this shot it seems like someone has moved in. The tree branch coat stand is an adorable way to emphasize the natural elements of the house. It's minimalist and modern, and if this kind of simplicity is the right mix for you, then you'll certainly want to check out these lovely ideas on minimalist style. Interior decorating doesn't have to make a space overwhelming or detail-packed if you don't want it to. 

Bold Storage Space

This little ramp and set of cupboards is a unique twist on shelving. Usually cupboards are at the top of the room to save flooring space, but with a rounded roof that doesn't leave you with a lot of storage. These designers have worked around that problem by making a platform. There's still floor space and the storage is ample. Also, the designers have inverted the usual colour scheme of cupboards too, with the darker colour on the inside and the light wood framing on the outside. It's as bold as the black ceiling. Now you might be asking--what could you do up there? We're thinking its a good spot for storage of bikes or some other cumbersome gear that won't normally fit into closets. But you could also use it as a stage and perform a dramatic reading of Lord of the Rings! The possibilities are endless.  

How did you blend natural and modern elements in your home? Let us know in the comments!

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