The fisherman's cottage: with a twist!

Leigh Leigh
ZeroLimitsArchitects Modern houses
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There's nothing more quaint than the idea of a seaside fisherman's cottage, with its rustic and charming sense of nostalgia along with the smell of salt and the sound of seagulls.

But what happens when this image collides with cutting-edge architecture, modern design and innovative creations?

Today we are going to explore how Zero Limits Architecture, design professionals based in Korea, have reinvented the traditional take on the fisherman's cottage, creating a home that is absolutely breathtaking, without losing that beautiful sense of nostalgia.

You won't be disappointed!

Sheer beauty

From the outside, we can see just how much of a punch this home packs!

It takes on the traditional materials and colours of a fisherman's cottage with its plain white facade and stone finishes but already we can see how much more grand and impressive the home is.

Taking up two storeys and very longitudinal in design, the home is like a beacon of light on the shore. 

The roof and the entire upper level's facade is a gorgeous stone, which brings a very beautiful, stylish and sturdy look and feel to the home.

From this side, we can also see that the home features a large balcony, where the family can enjoy the panoramic view of the ocean – how incredible is this?

The lighthouse

If we zoom out, we can see how this grand home rests on the hill, integrating beautifully into the coastal landscape that surrounds it. 

The neutral colours and natural materials ensure that this home isn't a sore thumb in the very natural and rural environment. The designers worked with the natural fauna and flora. Can you see how the home blends into the rugged rocks?

With the lights on in the twilight, this home almost looks like a lighthouse of comfort, safety and security amidst the wild surrounds.

Modern interior

If we head inside this little coastal haven, we can see just how chic, modern and spacious the home is

The dining room opens up onto the kitchen, utilizing the length of space available in the home. A long wooden dining room table can seat 10 guests at a time, making this home very social and interactive. Thanks to the open plan nature of the kitchen, the chef can also join in on the conversation while cooking up a feast.

You'll notice that the kitchen is slightly separated from the rest of the living space thanks to a large kitchen island or breakfast bar. These are great additions to any kitchen as they allow for family members to casually do their homework or have a conversation over a cup of tea. They also provide extra storage space and an extra surface area for preparing food in the kitchen.

Have a look at these kitchen islands to treasure.

Cozy living room

The living room is very luxurious, yet cozy and comfortable. 

It features plush leather sofas, a cushy rug, a fireplace and of course, a large flat screen television for entertainment. This is not a living room you would usually find in a fisherman's cottage.

The designers have gone for very neutral and earthy colours, which create a warm and inviting environment. They've added a bit of charm and personality to the room in the form of uniquely shaped coffee tables and large pots of plants and flowers for decor.

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Earthy tones

Throughout the house we've seen how the designers have stuck to warm and earthy tones, but in the bedroom we can see how they've completely utilized wood. 

Wooden floors, wooden furniture and wooden blinds contrast beautifully with the stark white linen and white walls to create a tranquil cocoon where the residents can have afternoon naps or cuddle up for bedtime. 

Over the bed, we can see that the designers have added a subtle piece of artwork, which brings in a bit of personality and colour to the space – a great tip!

Green spaces

In the living room we saw how natural forms of decor were used, but in this image, we can see how it's used on a grander and more effective scale.

Floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors along the entire length of the bathroom allow the residents to feel close to the outside spaces. It also allows natural light to filter into the bathroom space!

Yet the residents still need privacy, so the designers have created a little garden area with a high wall, so that no-one can see into the bathroom. In this space, they've planted a beautiful little garden, adding greenery and breathing room to the design. 

Tip: Plan your garden strategically so that you end up with a well-organized design like this one! Have a look at these tips for having your own holistic garden.

Wooden stairs

The wooden stairs in this home turn this functional element into a design feature. The space could be quite cold with the stone floors and the white walls, but the light wooden steps add warmth to it.

You'll also notice that the designers have utilized the space beneath the stairs for shelves and cupboards – a great tip!

Often the space under our stairs gets wasted, when it could be used for so many functions, including displays or storage. 

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Little touches here and there

We end off our tour back outside, where we want to show you just how effective the stone facade is up close and personal.

It truly is the pièce de résistance of the entire design, adding a very earthy and rustic look and feel to the modern design.

In this image, we can see how outdoor lighting has been used to enhance and illuminate the facade, as well as provide functional light for those making their way home in the evening or playing games in the garden.

This is a home that transports us to the seaside – with a modern twist!

What do you think of this home?

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