9 spectacular facades!

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Facades are like business cards for our homes. They must be effective and they must make an impact! A positive first impression always makes a difference.

When we talk about houses, an impressive facade is always worth it. When we walk or drive through big cities or neighborhoods, it's always the most beautiful houses that draw our attention. They become part of the landscape itself and make the urban environment much more pleasant.

It truly is love at first sight when it comes to architecture. And facades are the most direct way to enjoy the creativity of architects.

With the advancement of technology, we are finding that homes and buildings are becoming more and more creative especially when it comes to the composition of the outer surface of the house. It makes the city a far more pleasant place to live, despite all of the urban chaos!

1. Master mix

This friendly house brings a mixture of elements to the composition. Its facade, which features very light colours, is a modern design of straight lines, which draw together the image through different heights.

The long and elegant wooden front door creates a futuristic look, opening from the side. This lengthy structure offsets the elegance of the large glass facade that runs alongside it. 

The landscape around the design reinforces the tropical look and feel as well as complements the large open space around this home. 

This magnificent facade is designed by Roma Architects.

2. Contemporary house

This beautiful facade is formed with large square pillars and geometric lines, which result in long structures that seem to stretch out for the ground and into the sky!

With the use of stone and marble, luxury and elegance are evident. For an extra touch of sophistication, we can see that the designers have featured marble stones along the lawn, which lead up to the front door.

The composition of the spotlights throughout the exterior space enhances the elegance of the facade, focusing on the detail and illuminating the materials, which makes the home stand out from all of the other houses on the block. (Have a look at these outdoor lighting ideas for modern houses.)

This project was designed by Espaco Cypriana Pinheiro.

3. A special cabin

This beautiful wooden house with strong vertical elements features a particularly amazing white facade and is expertly made up of natural elements. 

The walls are designed so that they flow up into the ceiling, which gives the house an effect of being a three-dimensional drawing. 

Thick concrete blocks and wooden elements add a sense of security and comfort to the house, which is an advantage when it comes to a large structure.

The facade is also well-organized, with little windows and big doors strategically scattered throughout. This allows natural light to seep into the space.

4. Multi-sensory inspiration

This facade is an example of an excellent mix of different materials.

Made up of cement, wood and tiles, this structure takes on different shapes and dimensions depending on if you look at it from the front or from the side.

The composition of the materials is elegant and sophisticated and brings a feeling of warmth and comfort to the exterior style.

The luxury tiles are one of our favorite features of the facade, which enhance the softer colors and tones. The designers have also played with modern lines and have added a small wooden cube to the one side of the house, which piques our interest. This is a home that is certainly bursting with surprises!

5. Invisible Design

The mirrors lining the structures of this facade are very impressive. This is a very modern and bold design. Walls made of mirrors make this house seem almost invisible, blending into the nature that surrounds it.

Geometric designs in the shape of large blocks are futuristic, while the lighting on the lawn illuminates the home from the bottom up, making it seem like it is floating.

The unique design of the building makes us realize how much can be achieved thanks to the creative wonders and excellent work of architects.

Looking at this house is definitely a unique experience!

If you like this home, you'll love this house of mirrors.

6. Gateway to the sky

In the mountains, we come across a set of amazing houses that lie on the edge of a valley surrounded by trees.

A special feature of this design is how it seems to be a resting place on the way to heaven.

The two structures expand across two floors, featuring long walls of windows, which allow you to see inside the homes. From inside, you can enjoy views of  sunsets in the beautiful and tranquil mountain valley.

The pointed roof on the right-hand structure plays with geometry.

The lights that have been installed in the ceiling enhance the linearity of the architecture. They also illuminate the delicious and relaxing swimming pool, which overlooks the beautiful landscape.

7. In stone

The beauty of the stones creates a very dramatic effect when it comes to this home.

Rocks and stones were the main structural elements of old castles from the Middle Ages. 

In architecture, contemporary designs that utilize this material exude a sense of strength and modernity. 

In this project, the chunkiness and effect of the different types of stones plays with the square and rounded geometry of the walls. 

The curved lines of the modernized structure transform this home into an incredibly special and beautiful space.

8. Modern

This modern home with beautifully shaped facades that frame the entrance and exit of the home creates an artistic look and feel.

With an oval design, which introduces contrasting colours of black and white, this facade is very striking. Don't you love how the curves add a quirky and unique touch to this otherwise simple structure? 

Stunningly beautiful, this design shows us once again the talent of the homify professionals worldwide.

9. The chameleon home

We end off our tour of these incredible facades looking at this South African home, which looks like it comes out of the robotic future!

Metal and stone work together in this facade, creating a very sleek and modern look and feel. It integrates flawlessly into the landscape, while still packing a punch. This is an example of innovation and ingenuity at its best.

When it comes to choosing a facade for your own home, there are so many options available!

Which facade would you pick?

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