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Before and After: A New Beginning for an Old Home

Leigh Leigh
Rear Extension Oakman Modern living room
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While old homes can be incredibly charming and traditional, there is nothing better than a make-over!

Which is exactly what we are going to see today thanks to London-based architect, Oakman.

A drab and old-fashioned home has been renovated and restored, evolving into a slick, modern and chic home that would suit any trendy family. We will see how the designers managed to introduce clean lines, natural light and some very fashionable decor pieces into this home to produce award-winning results. 

As Seneca said, Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

Let's see the end of the old home and the start of the new!

Before: Old school

Rear Extension Oakman

Rear Extension


This London home prior to its renovation was not too run down or shabby, however we can see that it is very old-fashioned. 

The home is large, spreading up two storeys, and features a large garden and outdoor area. Unfortunately this space isn't used to its full potential, with a large conservatory taking up most of the space. There is nothing trendy about this!

The colors and tones of this home are also very drab. The walls are a dull brown, while the finishes are a darker brown. The white conservatory doesn't work in harmony with these colours either!

The worst part about this home, however, is the clothes drying rack in the garden. There is nothing aesthetically pleasing about a large, spider web-shaped washing line in a space that is meant to be beautiful and filled with plants and flowers.

After: The modern interior

Rear Extension Oakman Modern dining room

Rear Extension


If we head inside the newly renovated room, we can immediately see that it has been transformed into a very modern, trendy and chic home!

The large open plan kitchen and dining room is incredibly light and bright, thanks to the large glass windows, which allow sunshine to filter into this space. This is a very important feature when it comes to modern homes. Not only does natural light make for a much warmer and more inviting space, but it means that you spend less money on artificial lighting and heating. (Have a look at these 8 tips for your energy efficient house.)

This space also features white walls and very neutral colors, which serve to reflect the natural light in the home. Don't you love the beautiful, traditional and sturdy looking wooden table? You'll also notice that the designers have included two very stylish drop down lamps over the table, which provide the perfect soft lighting for when the residents are enjoying a meal. 

After: Minimalist

Rear Extension Oakman Modern kitchen

Rear Extension


The designers haven't tried to cram every corner with furniture or decor items in the newly renovated home. In fact, they've allowed for open spaces where the interior design can breathe!

minimalist design is all about only including the most functional and necessary items in a space, which is what we are seeing in this image. You don't see any unnecessary furniture pieces or cutlery and crockery taking up space in the kitchen.

The trick when it comes to achieving this design is to invest in good storage solutions. Do you see that the entire length of the wall on the right is packed with cupboards, drawers and shelves? This ensures that all unnecessary items are stored neatly out of sight. 

Have a look at these 8 clever ways to improve storage in your kitchen.

Don't you love the industrial flooring in this space? Screed is a great material for the kitchen as it is easy to clean and very durable.

After: White white white

Rear Extension Oakman Modern living room

Rear Extension


If we move into the living space, we can see that the designers have gone for a very clean look and feel thanks to the white wooden floors, white walls and even the pale furniture! 

Again we can see how natural light plays such a big role in the newly renovated home, enhancing the gorgeous white floors and walls.

We can also see that the minimalist look and feel plays a role throughout the home. The sofas and armchairs have been carefully chosen so that they are purely functional, while remaining comfortable and stylish too.

If you wanted to add a splash of colour to a room like this, you could go for a bright rug or a colourful sofa.

After: A touch of the natural

Rear Extension Oakman Modern living room

Rear Extension


If we swivel around in the living room, we can see a gorgeous marble fireplace, which is decorated with a mirror on top. 

Mirrors are a great design tool for any space as they reflect the natural light but also make a room seem that much bigger. A fireplace is also incredibly functional, warming a space like this up in a matter of seconds,  while also being a beautiful decor element. Don't you think it makes this space look so grand?

We can also see how the designers have included a few shades of grey and subtle wooden pieces of furniture into this home, which works in harmony with the white interior.

Lighting is also crucial in a beautiful home. You want them to set a peaceful and enchanting to mood. Opt for stylish floor lamps, like we see in this design, or ceiling lights that dim. You can also go for table lamps, lanterns and candles.

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