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7 Clever and cool ideas for outdoor kitchens

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We often have the need to cook outside when we are working with delicacies and exotic cuisine, since the odours may fill our entire home. In addition, we here in South Africa love to braai, and what better than an outdoor kitchen or kitchenette for the purpose? Therefore, we bring you this little ideabook on various designs for outdoor kitchens to inspire you. These designs are easy to use and suitable for all types of cooking, while bringing some interest to your home.  Perfect for modern families! Let's begin…

1. Portable and compact

Contemporary residential homes are smaller and more are packed into smaller areas. In this situation, an outdoor kitchen may be the most useful of all. Planning on designing a kitchenette or kitchen pantry outside the home may not be a primary component necessary for a modern home, but can certainly be a great addition. If you have a kitchen to cook outdoors, it makes the heavy frying less smelly, less noisy and easy to clean. A unit such as this is very convenient, and can be easily packed up and stored when necessary. 

2. Simplicity

CONSOLLE - OUTDOOR KITCHEN D'Arrigo External Design Garden Furniture
D'Arrigo External Design


D'Arrigo External Design

A kitchen outdoors does not require a permanent installation of counter space, since you might want to move the kitchen later. A prefabricated installation may therefore be the simplest and most elegant option. You can always move or modify the unit later. Just a simple counter design. This contains all the necessities for cooking, and you can always adjust it according to whatever need you have at any given moment. Fortunately, you have plenty of professionals who can help you plan your perfect outdoor kitchen!

3. Suited to space

In addition to cooking outside the home, eating outdoors is a favourite activity for many. Especially when hosting a party or meeting family and friends in such large numbers for which there simply is not enough space inside the home. A long table next to the outdoor kitchen will add a warm atmosphere and allow for exhibiting a wider selection of food dishes. 

4. Blending in

It is not difficult to tune in the kitchen to the traditional environment of the home. The choice of materials, colours and textures, as well as a style that is close to a wall around a kitchen in the outdoors, will definitely make your outdoor kitchen fit in. Take, for example, this kitchen we see here in the image. It has been adapted to its surroundings for the perfect fit. 

5. Including a vegetable garden

Freshly Prepped: Chelsea Flower Show 2009 Aralia Commercial Spaces Wood Green

Freshly Prepped: Chelsea Flower Show 2009


Space is not an obstacle for growing my own vegetables and herbs any longer. The outdoor kitchen provides the opportunity for growing your own food at your convenience which a traditional kitchen cannot provide. In addition to being safe and fresh for cooking, an outdoor kitchen garden provides almost everything you need without having to bring anything outside!

6. Warm, natural materials

The use of wooden planks or counters made of stone, decorates a beautiful, natural kitchen assembled outdoors. This can create a cozy atmosphere for those who likes simplicity as well as comfort, all without the messy details. It also gives a better texture than synthetic materials, and will be resistant to the weather outside.

7. Is space really an issue?

Installing a stove to the wall will be difficult but it is possible. For those who like to barbecue or grill meat and seafood, this is the perfect solution. This idea is interesting because it has a small kitchen outside the house. Add a decorative wall to bring some innovation as well. However, you must determine the strength and the weight of the wall to ensure safety. 

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