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Mexican architects Grupo Architects, know what cutting edge architecture and innovative design is all about.

Today, at homify, we are going to show how they have managed to integrate the raw beauty of the forest with a very modern home. By utilizing a very industrial chic look as well as raw materials such as glass, the home is as absolutely breathtaking as the nature that surrounds it. 

We will also see how they've integrated very functional elements into this stunning home. A home should be comfortable as well as stylish – a fine balance that isn't always easy to achieve.

Lets take a look!

A cutting-edge structure

From this angle, we can see how this grand design rivals and yet works with the grand and expansive nature that surrounds it. 

The home is large and utilizes a black industrial structure, interspersed with large glass windows. These large glass windows and doors allow for panoramic views of the surrounds as well as natural sunlight to flow into this modern home.

We can see that the bottom section of the home is closed up, offering the residents more privacy in this section. The bottom level is where the bedrooms and bathrooms are based, while the upper level is the more social and interactive space so this makes perfect sense.

Different dimensions

These design professionals truly know how to work with horizontal and vertical spaces.

From this side of the house, we can see that the home looks much smaller and only one-storey high. This is because the architects have utilized the slope of the landscape, molding the home into the side of the hill. The result is a home that plays with our spatial perceptions.

We can see that the designers have paid very careful attention to detail. A bridge that allows cars and people to cross over a little valley to get to the house features the same design of the house itself, which makes this space look very sophisticated and savvy.

Apart from this, however, the nature surrounding the home is untouched. What better decor could you possibly need?

Chic interior

If we head inside this home, we can see that even though it looks like a cool operator from the outside, the home is very warm, cozy and inviting on the inside – as well as very stylish!

In the living room, we encounter the same industrial chic look and feel thanks to the grey tiled floors, cement walls and large sections of glass and wood. Yet the designers have introduced a bit of color into the space in the form of a blue sofa and a red perspex table.

The large glass sections of the home allow sunlight to constantly warm up this space, which enhances the very cozy effect. It also means that there is no need for a television. Who needs cartoons when you have constant views of the natural surrounds?

On the right of the living room, we come across a breakfast bar and little kitchen nook. While slightly separate from the living room, the kitchen is still a very social and interactive space thanks to the open plan design. Don't you love the funky bar stools that line the breakfast bar? This allows for casual conversations no matter who is cooking or what time of the day it is!

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Staying classy

In this section of the home, we come across a more formal living room, which features sleek black armchairs, a light wooden table and very trendy silver floor lamp that curves over the chairs to provide light right in the center of the room.

There is also a television in this space!

This is the kind of room that would be perfect for more formal work meetings at home or a place to read a book or catch up on the news. 

We can see that the designers have gone for a very minimalist look and feel in this space, including only the most functional items. In a modern room, there is no space for clutter or chaos.

The lavish terrace

If we step outside, we come to one of our favorite parts of the house – the terrace.

This is a space that allows the family to enjoy the outdoors to the absolute maximum! A large, sweeping patio makes the most of tiled flooring as well as a wooden deck area. Don't you think these two materials work so well together?

There is also an abundance of terrace furniture, which allows the family to enjoy this space no matter what they are in the mood for. There are comfortable armchairs that offer a comfortable place to sit and bird watch or just enjoy the views. There is also a more structured outdoor living room section where the family can enjoy morning cups of coffee together or afternoon tea and cake. Although we can't see it in this image, there are also sun loungers and an outdoor dining area!

The terrace includes an outdoor hot tub too! Can you imagine anything more relaxing? 

The focal point of the terrace, however, is the large stone fountain. Water features like this can enhance the entire space, adding a very grand and luxurious touch to the space.

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A home for the cars

A home in the forest isn't complete without a stylish spot to park the cars. A garage is also a fabulous place to store other items neatly away such as bicycles and golf clubs. These are items you don't want lying around the house.

The designers haven't just disregarded the garage as a functional feature in the home, however. They've made sure that it is just as stylish as the rest of the home.

If you look at the garage door closely, you will see that it's made from the same materials of the home itself – chic black steel and glass. Have you ever seen such a trendy garage door?

You'll also notice that the garage space flows into the design of the home – very unique and innovative.

This is a home packed with serenity, peace and tranquility, without any compromise on the award-winning architecture and design.

Are you blown away by this home in the forest?

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