An Odd Little House with Surprising Interiors

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白砂孝洋建築設計事務所 Living room
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We are in the vibrant and busy land of brilliant skyscrapers, pretty cherry trees, traditional temples, anime shops and beautiful gardens. We are in Tokyo! Japan’s capital has lured us today with its ultramodern look and feel, and we are about to explore a tiny house in the middle of the towering structures that dot the city’s landscape. You will soon find out how a mere 49 square feet of space gets to enjoy stellar style accents, thanks to the vision of the architects who have taken this tiny cubicle of a home and transformed it into a well designed space. The Azamino House designed by White Sand Takahiro Architects in Tokyo is quirky and unusual on the outside, but warm, cosy, airy and magically illuminated on the inside. So read on, to learn more.

Street Smart Façade

Set on a quiet street with lots of trees and plenty of open avenues, this odd little home stands out due to its smart façade and unusual shape. The single-sided slant of the roof is the reason behind that, besides the compact size of the house. Also, the architects have gone for a pristine tone of white, to make the property appear bigger and brighter than it is.

When the Sun Goes Down

Even in the evening, the brilliant white hue of the wooden planks of this house, glow with a serenity that is rarely seen. Also, the orientation of the home is such that the doors and porch face away from the street, which gives it all a cozy and private feel. The lack of windows on the street side of the home ensures the privacy factor too. Perched on a concrete platform with a narrow flight of steps leading to the porch, this cute abode draws admiring glances from every passerby with its softly glowing indoor lights.

Welcoming the Sun Inside

The interiors of the tiny house boast of large glass sheets which go from the floor to the ceiling as well as light, natural finished wood. This creates an airy and spacious feel, which is heightened by the open layout of the residence. Sunshine floods every nook and cranny during the day, and accentuates the natural beauty of the wooden flooring, beams, and pillars. The dining space catches the eye, thanks to its stark minimalism. A simple round table and chic wooden chairs with blue and white seats contribute to a cozy dining atmosphere, where you can enjoy the view of the greenery outside while indulging in homely flavours.

The Neat Kitchen

Neatness is the quality that ups the style quotient in this space. The beautifully finished hardwood floor leads up to the sleek kitchen which wows with its clean and minimalist lines. White is the dominating colour for the kitchen, and it comes with adequate cabinets for housing all culinary essentials. Widely spaced wooden beams and closely spaced slim wooden slats mark the ceiling-like structure of this area. And on the right lies the light-hued flight of stairs which leads to the mezzanine floor of the house.

View from the Top

The slanted roof of the house has made way for the creation of a mezzanine floor which is done up in slim wooden slats mostly. It also features glass which allows the sunlight to pervade the interiors, besides the glass doors on the left of the dining hall. The light-coloured wooden beams stay true to the conventional values of Japanese architecture, while the gorgeous shades of the wooden planks on the floor intrigue our vision. The expansive feel of the abode despite its size, is now all the more apparent from here.  

A Crisp and Sunny Mezzanine

The mezzanine is a design wonder with its large glass windows and naked beams, overlooking the hall downstairs. The white ceiling and the light wooden slats lining the floor space augment the open and well-ventilated feel of the house. Here, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or read a book here, while you watch the world pass by.

This quirky and smart Japanese home proves that size is just a number! With the right planning, designing and a dash of creativity, you can turn even a tiny house into a delightful abode. Check out another ideabook for more inspiration - A farmhouse from the pages of a fairytale.

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