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Home Decoration: 11 clever ways to use mirrors

Leigh Leigh
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Mirrors are often disregarded as functional elements that are added to a space simply because you want to be able to see what you look like full-length or be able to do your hair and make-up.

Today at homify, however, we are going to show you that a mirror is so much more than just a functional tool. Mirrors can enhance entire rooms, change the look and feel of a space and do so much more than allow you to see yourself.

As Edith Wharton once said, There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

Let's take a look at how functional a mirror can really be!

1. In front of the closet

Segmenta wardrobe - Pictured here in natural / Silver mirror and frosted mirror Lamco Design LTD BedroomWardrobes & closets
Lamco Design LTD

Segmenta wardrobe – Pictured here in natural / Silver mirror and frosted mirror

Lamco Design LTD

A mirror in the bedroom is always a plus. For starters, it allows you to see what your outfit looks like from every angle before you head off to work.

If mirrors are used in front of your closet they can also add a gorgeous design element to your bedroom, hiding all of the clothes and shoes behind them with elegance and class.

In this design, by Lamco Design, we can see how the mirrored closet along the entire length of the wall makes the bedroom space seem that much bigger!

2. In the corner

Hula mirror Loaf Living roomAccessories & decoration Wood

Hula mirror


Spruce up a wasted corner with a mirror. It will reflect the natural or artificial light in this room, immediately illuminating the corner space.

Also go for interesting shapes or frames when it comes to your mirror, to add a bit of personality to a room.

3. Full on art

You can also incorporate mirrors in full-on artwork, enhancing a bedroom, bathroom, living room or dining room.

These design professionals, Cenquizqui have enhanced this room by including mirrors that are integrated with stylish and eclectic wooden frames. This is a wonderful example of how creativity and functionality collide.

4. Exterior spaces

This home, by Peter Pichler Architecture, is one of our favorite homes and you can see why!

The architects have created a home that features full-on mirrored exterior walls, which allows the entire landscape around the home to be reflected back on itself. The result is a very modern and minimalist home that seems to shimmer on the horizon.

5. Hidden storage spots

In the first image, we saw how well mirrored closets work in the bedroom, but in this design we can see how well a mirrored medicine cabinet works. 

Not only is a mirror essential in a bathroom, so you can see what you are doing when you apply your make-up, wash your face or brush your teeth, but so is storage space. You don't want all of your personal cosmetics and products floating around the bathroom.

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6. The long mirror

A full-length mirror is a functional must for any home, but why not have a bit of fun when picking one out?

In fact you can really get creative and innovative when it comes to the mirror designs that you include in your home, adding an eclectic or rustic touch to the space.

Don't you love this super simple yet super cool mirror chair?

7. Mirror shelves

Glass Mirror Boxes Loop the Loop
Loop the Loop

Glass Mirror Boxes

Loop the Loop

Little mirror shelves like these are a great wall feature for any room as they allow you to put little ornaments or decor items on display, which are enhanced by the reflection of them. Essentially, you're magnifying the beautiful details in your home!

8. The mirror wall

Cover an entire wall with mirror in a room in your house to add a very grand and elegant design feel to the space. Mirrored walls are complemented by pale or neutral colors as well as lavish materials such as steel, marble or granite. 

Remember that the larger the mirror, the larger the room will look so don't worry about being too conservative if you want to create an entire mirror wall.

9. A classic touch

You can pick out an old antique framed mirror or scour your parents' or grandparents' home for a little gem, adding a beautiful classic touch to the decor in your home. Pair with some antique chairs or an old yet timeless headboard and you'll have the perfect design! 

10. Mirrored furniture

Leonore Bedside Table homify BedroomBedside tables

Leonore Bedside Table


You can buy furniture pieces, such as tables, side tables, cabinets or chairs, which are made with mirror, giving a very stylish and serene touch to a room.

Mirrored furniture looks very ethereal and sophisticated – just make sure you clean the surfaces regularly!

11. The kitchen

Lastly, don't forget the kitchen! Mirrors can create a very sleek and modern looking kitchen, as they tend to complement the kitchen accessories and appliances.

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