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10 tips for a stress-free laundry day

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If you live in a small home, doing laundry can be quite a chore. Does your head hurt when you think of the dirty clothes, and disappearing socks, folding and drying.

However the wonderful thing about this day and age is the range of smart and innovative household appliances on the market and creative interior design , which make doing laundry an easy task.

homify has 10 ways to make laundry a tad less tedious while inspiring you to redecorate a space you probably spend a lot of time in.

1. Get organized

As the old saying goes: Happy is a clean and organized home. 

There is nothing more stressful than coming home to clothes hanging all over the house, laundry baskets on the dining room table and an ironing board in front of the television. It's time to get organized today!

Dedicate a specific space to the laundry area where you can fold up your clothes, do the ironing and let the clothes dry. 

A great idea is to use the smallest bedroom of your house or dedicate a big closet to the laundry room. This way you can close the door, hiding any chaos from view. 

2. Install shelves

In order to organize your laundry, just like we've seen in the previous image, you need to invest in some good storage or hanging space. This will allow you to neatly tuck away the clothes or linen, washing detergents, fabric softener and laundry baskets.

Also have a look at these tips to consider when choosing shelves.

3. Invest in modern technology

There is nothing that will make doing laundry more easy than investing in modern appliances, such as a world-class washing machine! With technology evolving so quickly, the top of the range washing machines these days can do just about everything including washing and drying even the most delicate of your clothing.

They also look very sleek and stylish too, as we can see in this design – adding a chic touch to your home. Decor and functionality collide!

Have a look at his ideabook: wait, before you buy that washing machine.

4. Get creative

In this bathroom, by  interior designers Rover BC, we can see just how stylish and entrancing a space can be thanks to patterns, colors and textures.

This bathroom is multi-functional, doubling up as a space for the family to brush their teeth and take a hot shower, as well as a space where the laundry is done. 

The designers created such a peaceful and stylish room, that the washer and dryer don't look out of place. Opt for patterned tiles or wallpaper, large mirrors to visually expand a space and a vase of flowers for that extra special touch.

5. Classic tones

Go for classic, earthy tones in your laundry area, no matter whether it's in the bathroom or in its own designated space. In this design, you can see a mix of white and wood. The raw brick and grey tiled floors add an industrial chic touch to the space.

In this way, the white washing machine fits flawlessly into the wooden cabinet. Very subtle!

6. Utilize vertical space

7 BATHROOMS FOR 7 STORIES Lineabeta Eclectic style bathroom



If you have a small home, make the most of vertical space available to you. 

Install shelves high up, where you can store your laundry basket and detergent neatly out of sight. You can also add hooks to a wall where clothes or towels can be hung up without taking up any floor space. 

Don't you love the long narrow mirror in this design? You can store items inside it and admire yourself before you head out of the door.

7. Hide the washing machine

If your washing machine or household appliances are doing nothing to enhance the design of your interiors, simply hide them neatly away.

This trick is very common! Simply store your washing machine in a small closet, utilizing the shelves for other laundry tools such as detergent or clothes pegs. When you aren't using the washing machine, simply close the doors and keep it neatly out of sight.

8. Be bold

Your laundry space doesn't have to shy away from personality, charm or style. Decorate this space as you see fit, making it appealing and attractive!

You'll be that much more excited for laundry day if you get to spend the day in a place like this…

9. Ventilation

If possible, ensure that your laundry room gets lots of fresh air and natural sunlight. For starters, you want your clothes to dry quickly and properly – there is nothing worse than the odour of damp clothes.

Sometimes the room itself can start to smell damp or mouldy. You want to air it out so that these smells dissipate. Natural light and fresh air is the way to go!

Look at these tips: beat bad smells the natural way.

10. The kitchen

If you use your kitchen as your laundry space, make sure that you invest in adequate storage. This way you can keep your kitchen items separate from your laundry items, while retaining a very neat, tidy and minimalist kitchen.

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