Timeless Bedroom Ideas for the Kids

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When you're dreaming of a calm space for your little ones, there are some staple themes that we all cherish. The princess castle, the racing car bed, the tree house, flying airplanes, and many more. But in this age of individuality, you perhaps want a unique theme for your child. It also has to be fun but not impractical. To help spark your creative juices, homify collected some of the best twists on children's room design.  All of these rooms also avoid the classic mistake that many parents make when designing a bedroom for their children. In the joy of designing a cute room, parents sometimes lose sight of the child growing up. Trust us, you won't be ready to update your darling's childhood room as soon as they will be. To avoid this problem, in all of these gorgeous rooms, the designers have achieved an adult feel with child themes, ensuring that the child will happily grow into the room. Plus they are still fantastically adorable!

Blue Skyline

This blue skyline painted onto an accent wall is subtle and sweet. It's a perfect twist on the more realistic looking skylines you see in nurseries, making the theme suitable for a shared bedroom with mom or dad, or even for the child into his or her teenage years. The gray shelving is a wonderful little touch, as is that creative ceiling fixture!

Pink and Clouds

This second play on the skyline theme is more youthful and soft. The pillow walls are a unique texture and the puffy cartoon clouds on the wall and the pillows are simply adorable. It's easy to see how a twelve year old could enjoy this playful room as much as an infant. On the other hand, it takes only two big changes to transition this room to the teen years. Swapping out the bed and taking down the swing, exchanging them for more mature furniture, is all that's necessary. 


This is how you make one little airplane fanatic very happy. It's all fantastic and bright, while avoiding the pastel colours that read baby. The airplane shelving just above the bed is a subtle touch that really pulls the room together. Also, the models on the ceiling are easy to take down if your child decides they've outgrown the airplane theme. 

Colouring Book

Colour your fairytale Pixers Nursery/kid’s room

Colour your fairytale


We thought this wall was just a brilliant idea. The colouring book image on the wall gives the room visual interest for children and feels youthful and interactive. Yet, its only black and white so it isn't overwhelming to the eye and can be painted over easily in a few hours. In this instance, colouring the wall wouldn't mean a time out for the budding artist! We think the wall is likely painted with a material that erasable paints can be used on. A fantastic feature!

Wild Jungle

It's unusual to see a jungle themed room without plants and crazy wallpaper. On the other hand, its also unusual to see a room with a jungle theme that remains subtle and practical. The pops of yellow colour and leopard pattern are enough texture to satisfy your child's wild style, but not enough to be an eye sore. Sticking to a single bright colour, with grey and black tones besides, really worked for this room. 

Abstract Blue

If you want a design full of pattern and colour you've got it in this bedroom. The circular theme is a better choice than a specific character or location because its so versatile and isn't age specific. Instead of packing in details on a more specific theme, the designers here have packed in elements of texture and interactivity. An active child will love that rock climbing wall on the left side and those stairs that lead to a bed or a unique play area. The metallic lights, plastic seat, and comfy blue and green rug are all fantastic elements in this unique room. 

Rock and Roll

If you and your child prefer something muted, or something that transitions easily into those broody teenage years, then this rock and roll theme will suit your needs. That textured wall with the mural is the single bold visual element really provides some drama for this space. Otherwise the use of white, grey and black is a simple but tried-and-true design. While the theme is wild the room still manages to feel soft with the grey curtains and upholstered bed frame. It's a great balance between comfort and thrill.  Also, if you like this simple grey aesthetic you're going to love this home

Garden grandeur

If your little one loves spending time outdoors or with animals, this room has plenty of inspiration to provide. The floral and bird patterns are kept to a single corner while the pink stripes provide a more subtle brightness to the space. That almost-pastel green was expertly chosen. It doesn't remind us instantly of childhood but it does add the softness that people often want to add when using muted hues. Otherwise, the furniture is elegant and always echoes the green and pink theme in some way. If you're in need of more children's bedroom designs you can contact one of our interior designers and decorators who would love to help you find the right theme for your little one. 

What's the wildest bedroom theme your kids have asked for? Lets us know in the comments!

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