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The cozy wooden house in the forest

Today, we are going to explore a cozy single-family dwelling that is built on an idyllic forest property in Russia. It features a beautiful balance between rustic and modern, with all of the comforts that a family could possibly need.

30 May, 2017

10 Canadian living rooms with unique personalities

Adding a little personality to your property's interior is key to making sure your house really feels like your home and if one room needs some personal style, it's definitely your living room! Think about it and you'll realize that that a lounge is…

29 May, 2017

10 ideas to give your living room classic flair

The classic living room finds its originality in its ability to harmonize all of the elements of interior design, in a spacious environment that combines period architecture with all of the accessories in the house.

28 May, 2017

A house that's fun for families

We often find ourselves thinking that architecture should get back to the days of being fun and this is one home that has taken that to heart! The architects that created this fantastic and playful property had such a good handle on what a family nee…

28 May, 2017

Dining room decor: 8 mistakes to avoid

Decorating a room to be perfectly suited to our needs is always exciting! Our personality shines in the colours and fabrics of the furniture and objects we buy to make a house our home.

28 May, 2017

This family home is utterly grand!

Russian architects are really taking things up a notch right now and today, we're going to show you a spectacular mansion home that epitomizes the true meaning of luxury! What staggers us more than the epic proportions of this home is how comfortable…

28 May, 2017

7 steps to a dream studio apartment

Over the last few years, there has been a major reduction in the size of apartments, particularly in large cities. The increasing population demands have lead to a need for modern architecture to be space-savvy and innovative.

28 May, 2017

8 fantastic kitchens under 22 square feet

When it comes to the kitchen, 22 square feet is a very generous amount of space. What's more is that it can be decorated in all sorts of ways, depending on our needs! You can create a warm and functional environment that gives you the freedom to real…

27 May, 2017

Cool corner sofas for every living room!

Ask any interior designer and they'll tell you that a corner sofa is not only a stylish addition to a living room, it can be a practical one too! In a large space, a corner sofa can effectively divide the room and offer a clear definition of differen…

27 May, 2017

This unique home shines in the country

We're going to own up straight away and confess that we are seriously jealous of whoever owns this beautiful home in rural Germany. Clearly someone with a vision of leaving the hustle and bustle of a city behind, what the owner had their architect de…

27 May, 2017

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