Mezzanines : Great way to create more space in small home

What is a mezzanine?In the world of architecture, an intermediate floor between the ground and first floor, something like an interior balcony that opens inside the room and is accessed by a staircase.

03 November, 2017

14 Simple ideas to decorate your bedroom walls

A bedroom is your most personal space since it is there where you rest, enjoy moments of intimacy or spend some quiet time. Sometimes it can even be your home office when required.

14 October, 2017

7 Ways to make a dark room brighter

A dark room is often oppressive and gloomy. With a lot of direct or indirect lighting and intelligent furnishing, it can appear brighter. The use of bright blue and sun-yellow on the wall and furniture can create a beach atmosphere even in dark rooms.

08 October, 2017

5 Ways to cool a hot bedroom

It's not even the first month of summer and high heat waves for the season are already approaching the peninsula. Little can be done to avoid the heat on the street, and sometimes the only option seems to be staying at home.

27 September, 2017

6 Ideal colours for your bedroom walls

A bedroom in the house is the only place where we are most likely to stay for an extended period. Beautiful designs with attractive wall colour in a bedroom can make a huge difference in its interior.

18 September, 2017

15 Amazing design ideas for small bedrooms

We all know how important a bedroom is for our soul and our health. It is the part of the house where we spend an awful amount of time, relaxing, sleeping or just talking with our partner.

17 September, 2017

9 Perfect plants for your bedroom

Plants provide freshness in every room of the house. Therefore, one should never renounce the essential naturalness of plants in the bedroom. They not only bring greenery to your room but at the same time ensure that the ambiance of the place is natu…

07 September, 2017

55 Inspiring bedroom designs

This ideabook is basically a photo gallery with 55 fantastic  bedroom designs. By using different materials, colours, textures, and lighting, the right kind of ambiance can be achieved easily.

04 September, 2017

15 Popular bedroom designs on Homify

After a long and stressful day the best thing to do is get a good night sleep and to be honest, it is something which we all love. Having a bedroom that is nicely furnished is an important aspect while you are looking to relax.

31 August, 2017

16 Extraordinary beds to rest in

The bed is the focal point of the bedroom, and a chance to establish the overall feeling of your sanctuary. Many people choose to focus on the blankets and pillows to make a statement, but the frame itself is a great place to put your energy, too.

24 August, 2017