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Bedroom articles tips & information

Sweet dreams guaranteed in this Ontario bedroom and en-suite bath

A good bedroom is one, where you feel relaxed and calm and make you sleep well. A good night sleep can work wonders for your health, boost your memory, make your skin glow and even increase your work efficiency.

18 December, 2017

How to utilize the space in a small bedroom

Today, most of the people have smaller houses, owing to the growing property prices and low spaces in crowded cities. As a matter of fact a small house is a blessing in disguise, provided you design it effectively.

11 December, 2017

20 small but super stunning country style bedrooms

Bedroom design is often more simple than the rest of the house, and the simpler the better, because no matter how stylish and luxurious your house is, a bedroom is a place to rest, and should be calming and unpretentious.

06 December, 2017

6 Ways of renovating a built-in wardrobe

Although built-in cabinets are more expensive than conventional ones, they also have many advantages. These pieces make the most of the space since they are installed in the ceiling, floor or the walls on both sides of the furniture.

15 November, 2017

10 Beautiful corner cabinets for your bedroom

The cabinets are a storage furniture par excellence. Thanks to their size they have become an all in one piece of fixture that can house coat racks, shelves, cupboards and even shoe stands.

08 November, 2017

20 Bedrooms with less than six square meters of space

Each of the rooms in the house has a unique charm. But the bedroom requires individual attention because of its intimate nature. It is also considered a place where you retire after a hard day of work.

06 November, 2017

Mezzanines : Great way to create more space in small home

What is a mezzanine?In the world of architecture, an intermediate floor between the ground and first floor, something like an interior balcony that opens inside the room and is accessed by a staircase.

03 November, 2017

14 Simple ideas to decorate your bedroom walls

A bedroom is your most personal space since it is there where you rest, enjoy moments of intimacy or spend some quiet time. Sometimes it can even be your home office when required.

14 October, 2017

7 Ways to make a dark room brighter

A dark room is often oppressive and gloomy. With a lot of direct or indirect lighting and intelligent furnishing, it can appear brighter. The use of bright blue and sun-yellow on the wall and furniture can create a beach atmosphere even in dark rooms.

08 October, 2017

10 Great ways to make a small bedroom look bigger

The floor size in today's home is becoming smaller. That is why many times we do not have additional space that we would like for our bedroom. But do not worry, we at Homify have the perfect solution for you.

05 October, 2017